The 3 best pills for hair loss in women (according to science)


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We usually associate baldness with men. Statistically, more than half of the male population begins to experience the first alopecia symptoms from the age of 50. In some cases, before. Alopecia increases by 10% each year that passes from the indicated age. While in the case of men it is estimated that 65% suffer from alopecia, in women, this percentage is reduced. However, in the female population who does experience baldness, the loss of hair density on the scalp it increases by 20% year after year; 10% more than in men. Fortunately, today there are certain medications that allow alleviate the effects of female alopecia.

According to Mar Maldonado Soria, specialist in biomedicine and founder of the portal Fitness 10hay hair loss treatments effective and affordable for the average pocket. In this article, after speaking with this professional, we collect the TOP 3 pills that act more effectively when it comes to stop baldness in women.

Health B-Beauty natural pills

B-Beauty Complex is a nutritional supplement supplied in the form of pills that allows strengthen hairskin and nails. (You can see the price by clicking here). In the case of hair, it helps it grow faster, denser and shinier. Its chemical composition of natural origin includes ingredients such as: bamboo, pea seed sprouts, vitamin E, vitamin C, rice starch, freeze-dried microalgae, vitamin A and vitamin B12, among others. Regarding its administration, two capsules a day are enough (it is recommended to take them after meals).

Does it have side effects?

Although its preparation based on plant and mineral extracts makes it suitable for the vast majority, in the case of people with hypothyroidism, allergies to certain substances and/or medications, pregnant or lactating women… they may experience some side effect. For example: in the first case, in hypothyroidism, it can hinder the absorption of iodine. Therefore, it is recommended to resort to them only after previously consulting with the doctor. Therefore, it should not be ingested as a substitute for a varied diet, but rather as a supplement included in said diet and for as long as the doctor deems appropriate.

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When are the first results obtained?

The first effects are seen after 3-6 months, a period in which the pills have time to combat the inflammation that impairs the function of the hair follicle and promotes hair loss. Vitamins E and C, as well as the freeze-dried microalgae, contribute to the absorption of nutrients, for stimulate hair growth hard. As for its influence on the skin, it has the approval of dermatologists. Ver Precio del B-Beauty.

Health Healthy Expert

These pills do not contain as complete a chemical composition as the previous ones, but they are effective. The chemical composition is based on vitamins A, C and E that are combined with biotin. The latter is also a vitamin, but naturally present in foods such as bananas and also eggs and milk. Low levels of biotin in the body can make hair thinner and weaker. Refering to vitamin Athis contributes to the hair glands produce more sebum. This liquid substance coats and protects the surface of the skin. A deficiency of bait is just as harmful to the hair as an excess of it (oily hair). Thus, this medicine is recommended only in cases of deficiency.

Health ISDIN

It is pills for hair loss they were created to control both the loss and the weakening of it. Its action is focused on the follicles. In fact, it prevents its kickback. Regarding sebum, it reduces its excess production, which reduces hair oiliness (opposite effect to that of the previous pills). Its chemical composition is based on vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. It also has a shampoo format, not only in capsules.

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