The Nursing Expo 2021, under the motto “We take care of you”, is part of the celebrations for the “Provincial Health Day” and is organized by the Nursing Department of the Dr. Guillermo Rawson Hospital, under the auspices of the Municipal Health Directorate of the Municipality of the Capital of San Juan, by Dr. Julio Nacif Bocca.

The Exhibition takes place from November 24-26 in the schedule of 9 to 12 hours, on the Pedestrian area of ​​the City of San Juan (intersection of Rivadavia and Tucumán streets). During three days, the Rawson Hospital Nursing will provide the San Juan community with educational information aimed at promoting health and preventing diseases.

Health care pursues as goal to prevent disease or detect it early, so that interventions are more efficient and effective. Disease prevention encompasses measures aimed not only at preventing, but also at reducing risk factors.

The directors of the Rawson Hospital, Dr. Jorge Girón and Dr. Marianna Míguez, showed their encouragement towards this type of activities and toured the 10 stands, which are in charge of the different nursing sectors of the Hospital.

The health contents that are developed and the nursing areas of the Rawson Hospital that participate in the Nursing Expo are:

  • Obstetric Center: hypertension in pregnancy.
  • Surgical Center: pre-surgical preparation in outpatients.
  • General Surgery: morbid obesity.
  • Medical Clinic: prevention of diabetic foot.
  • Infection Control Committee: hand washing / use of Protection Elements / dengue.
  • Adult Outpatient Clinics: prevention of arterial hypertension – diabetes – obesity / swabs.
  • External Pediatric Clinics: prevention of domestic incidents.
  • Imaging Diagnosis: preparation prior to a complementary study.
  • Pediatric Emergency: prevention and treatment of airway obstruction.
  • Gynecology: prevention of breast cancer.
  • Maternity: pregnancy monitoring / postpartum care.
  • Nephrology: prevention of kidney failure.
  • Neonatology: breastfeeding.
  • Neurosurgery: stroke alarm guidelines.
  • Oncology: care in pediatric cancer patients.
  • Otolaryngology: otitis.
  • Nursing residents: prepartum / exercise care.
  • Emergency Medical Service: automobile incident prevention.
  • Therapy Adults: care and treatment of pressure ulcers (UPP).
  • Pediatric Therapy: prevention of hemolytic uremic syndrome.
  • Traumatology: prevention of falls in the elderly.
  • Coronary Unit: prevention of acute myocardial infarction.
  • Vaccination: vaccination card.
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