The 10 most anticipated automotive launches in Argentina of 2022

The lists are usually hateful, when you make a Top 10 there are many that are left out and for the worse, with the current conditions, it is possible that the models that I have just included in this list will not finally go on sale in Argentina in 2022 … but here we go .

This is my pick list of all the releases we anticipated in two notes

  • Cars, SUVs and all launches for Argentina in 2022 (Part 1)
  • Cars, SUVs and all launches for Argentina in 2022 (Part 2)

You can choose the ones that are most relevant to you and leave your opinion in the comments, but with two conditions, without attacking and explaining why you will weigh them over others. The reason is simple, with respect and argument a dialogue can be generated, and in any exchange of ideas something is always learned and can be used to make a better purchase decision.

The most outstanding launches for Argentina in 2022

  1. Audi A3
    Ok, you are going to tell me that it is an expensive car and that everything became an SUV, but that is precisely why I put it on the list, it is the forerunner of the premium C hatchbacks, this new generation has changed a lot and precisely, it has the power to give us a extra driving pleasure for those of us who still like real cars.
  2. Citroen C3
    This one should change things for the brand and give it a more popular touch in two ways, first it should be more accessible, second it dresses in fashion with SUV lines. Although it is not the French model, but a development for countries “that are not from the 1st world”, the CMP platform has and that should bring many advantages in terms of safety and comfort.
  3. FIAT Pulse
    More than a super Argo with SUV anabolics, FIAT says the platform evolved so much that it even has its own name (MLA). In addition to its proposal for an urban corssover and new interior, the Pulse launches a 1.0L 3-cylinder turbo engine with 125 horsepower.
  4. Ford Maverick
    I know what you are going to tell me, it is not a 2022 release, but the truth is that we are going to see it on the streets only next year. Ford’s anti-Toro comes from Mexico with a look, equipment and the powerful 2.0 turbo EcoBoost that stands out more for the second part of its name with 253 horses. Top shared base with Bronco Sport
  5. Jeep Renegade
    Those of the 7 slots have a redesign of their small SUV that will not touch the exterior, will make changes to the interior and above all will change the 1.8L for new turbo mechanics with more thrust and lower consumption.
  6. Nissan Frontier
    Notable for having two important ingredients, it is a medium pickup (a super powerful segment in Argentina) and it is produced in the country. Taking advantage of some developments made for the X-Class (RIP) should improve comfort and add various gadgets, especially in security.
  7. Peugeot Landtrek
    Another one that dives into the world of medium-size pickups with this flatbed developed in conjunction with Changan, but which will be produced in Mercosur (put the chips in Uruguay) and will have an HDi (turbodiesel) engine around 180 hp to be in tune with the competition.
  8. Captur / Oroch
    I went for the duo, since both will come from Brazil and will use the B0 + platform, although with very different approaches. Both models are expected to offer the new 1.3L turbo engine, but with varying degrees of power, the same from the Duster for Oroch and about 162 hp for the crossover.
  9. Hilux GR Sport
    Another medium pickup that is also produced in Argentina and that is going to release the third installment of its sports version. This time it will have the global aesthetic released with the latest redesign. The gasoline V6 would be shelved, but in return rumors speak of more power than Raptor in the 2.8 turbodiesel.
  10. VW Polo Track Nivus y T-Cross 170 TSi
    Although the brand hopes to show the new Polo Track with an adventurous aesthetic in 2022, I don’t think we will see it on the streets (at least in Argentina) until 2023. Instead, the most relevant novelties from VW will be in the 1.0L engine. 3-cylinder turbo with 110 hp and 170 Nm with 5º manual gearbox to cover the range of the crossover and the SUV B.

let’s make this a place where people can talk about cars without fighting

I’m going to put a bonus track with the Cruze RS not so much because of the version itself, but because it is one of the last cars in the C segment that we have left and because it is produced in Argentina and continues to look for options for those of us who like to sit closer to the ground to enjoy. .

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This was my list of the releases that should “move the needle” the most in Argentina during 2022, now it’s your turn to give your opinion. I already left you in two notes all the news that -I estimate- will arrive in the country in the next year, now it is your opinion. How? With respect and arguments, let’s make this a place where people can talk about cars without fighting.



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