The 10 cities that pay you to move there, if you want to change your life from September

Thousands of people, every year, find themselves choosing where to go to live: it’s normal, people move. They are looking for opportunities, new jobs, schools and universities to enroll in, internships and collaborations of all kinds with companies and organizations.

Where to go, however, is a very difficult decision to make. There would be a thousand cities, and the doubt deepens when you see that the more a city offers job opportunities, the more it costs. Rent, transport and everything else cost. And for this reason we sometimes find ourselves in difficulty.

The news that is circulating these days, however, can help us: we could go to one of the many cities that, in the world, give money to those who move there. Yes, that’s right: they are data funds to support the rent in the first months, the costs of the move and are also given as a grant.

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For those looking for a home in the US, for example, the choice falls on ten cities in particular. These are the 10 cities that pay (and do so from the first month) those who decide to take a home and move to their territory. These are incentives aimed at attracting workers, professionals and therefore (indirectly) investments.

Ok, but what are these ten cities? These are Bemidji, in the state of Minnesota, then Bentonville, which is instead located in Arkansas and again Lincoln, in Kansas and Morgantown, in West Virginia. In fifth place is also New Haven, Connecticut.

And then there are the second five: even in this case, when you move to the city you receive sums ranging from 2,000 to 9,000 dollars (in euros the figure is more or less the same). Newton, Iowa; North Platte, Nebraska and Topeka, Kansas. Finally, the famous Tulsa, which is located in Oklahoma and West Lafayette, Indiana.

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