The 10 Android phones with 5G that are selling the most


No other brand has been able to sell more 5G phones during February 2022 than Samsung.

No other brand was able to sell more mobiles with 5G than Samsung in February 2022, according to the latest data shared by the consultancy CounterPoint. The report reflects that, of the ten best-selling models, five of them were models from the Samsung Galaxy family.

Other brands, such as OPPO, HONOR, vivo and Xiaomi They have also managed to occupy positions in this ranking, thanks to their dominance of the 5G mobile market in China.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s is one of the best-selling 5G phones in the world.

Samsung Galaxy A52s: the best-selling 5G mobile for the second consecutive month

According to data from CounterPoint, the Samsung Galaxy A52s was the best-selling 5G model during the month of February. Samsung’s mid-range model once again achieves the top 1, after having managed to lead the ranking also in January. Thus, the Galaxy A52s has already six months appearing in the top 10.

Just behind, with a market share of, 2.87% is the latest flagship of the South Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is closely followed by the Galaxy S21 FE, in third position.

The 10 Android phones with 5G that are selling the most

The top 10 best-selling 5G phones of February 2022.

Los Galaxy A32 5G y Galaxy A22 5G They are the other two Samsung models that have managed to sneak into the ranking, in fourth and tenth position respectively.

The rest of the gaps are occupied by models from China, being the OPPO Reno7 5G in its Chinese version the most popular model, located in fifth position and with a share of 1.92%. In this way, it surpasses models such as the HONOR 60, vivo S12, Xiaomi Redmi K40 and HONOR X30.

Models aside, it is worth noting that Android mobiles have managed to reach a share of 67% of the sale of 5G mobiles during February 2022. The terminals mentioned in the ranking represent a 20% of all 5G Android devices sold.

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