Charlène of Monaco he talks about his health and future situation: “This is the real reason why I can’t go home …”. Charlène Wittstock, wife of Albert of Monaco, has spent the last few months in South Africa, far from her husband and twin children Jacques and Gabriella. “An otolaryngological infection”, they had made it known last May from the Principality of Monaco on the eve of the Formula One Grand Prix.

Charlène and the operation

Now, it is Charlène who returns to the subject, explaining what really happened. In an interview with the South African magazine News24, the princess reveals: «I underwent an operation for the sinus lift, a bone graft that is performed in order to make implants in the molar area. After the operation, an infection involving the ears ensued, hence the inability to move. The auditory system, at the moment, could not withstand a pressure exceeding 20,000 feet ».

Charlene of Monaco with head surgery, the first photos after the surgery: short hair and a melancholy look

Charlene of Monaco, the mystery of illness and the “frost” with Alberto: the princess breaks the silence

Alberto and the children went to visit her in June and the prince is planning another trip to South Africa. Pandemic permitting. Charlène would miss the little children with whom she would make long video calls. Then, the sweet words of love for her husband Alberto: «He is the main one pillar of my life and my strength, without his love and support, I could not have overcome this painful moment. It was a challenge for me, I miss my husband and my children ».

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