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The move from Marko Raguz to Wiener Austria – and thus also to Jürgen Werner – has a piquant aftertaste. In the Austrian Soccer Board, Austria’s largest soccer forum, we asked how LASK fans think about the transfer.

penalty area cobra: “Thank you for the goals in the European Cup and thank you to Werner for the lavish transfer fee. I won’t miss him.”

Bohemian Flexer: “Marko was permanently injured for 1 1/2 years. He won’t be sporting now because we missed him in crucial situations, like the whole of the second half of the season, for example. He has to get on his feet first, otherwise his professional career will be over sooner than he might think. For LASK, I think it’s a win-win situation. Now the budget is free for a new striker and if Raguz hits, hopefully a few clauses have been built in that will still bring in money.”

hariASK: “It hurts me personally to see Marko in the Austria jersey. I really appreciated him as a player and as a person. He’s a great player and can make all the difference. Of course I secretly hoped that he would come back strong from the very difficult situation. As a player and as a person I wish him a good time in Vienna and lots of goals (except against us, of course). Hopefully he can still prove his class and maybe one day we can really celebrate a Raguz goal in the national team again. With all the recent developments, I’m slowly running out of identification figures.”

Spü_o: “If the sum that you collect is close to seven figures, you can be more than satisfied…. the fact that he has not felt able to play in recent months casts a shadow over his character. If he suddenly starts in top shape at Austria, I hope for a nice loud whistle concert in the first game against Werner Athletik Sport Klub.”

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wunderwuzzi: “I have to say it’s pretty cheeky if he can really get back into training and play without any problems… but yes, in Vienna he has to get past Djuricin and Tabakovic first. But I can’t quite understand it. I would never have sold it within the league. Better to go abroad for half of it or just go back to the stands and talk plainly with the fans.”

Understood: “All in all, it’ll probably be for the best. Nothing would have happened with us and another club would never have taken him for the money – and he probably wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other club.”

LASK08: “Marko, I have many beautiful memories with you in black and white that will remain. The last year was really bad of you. In terms of sport, I wish you and Austria only the worst, but if you ever need an honest hack, we need it in Amstetten.”

GH78: “I was emotionally deadened with Marko Raguz some time ago because I simply no longer had any expectations of him. Of course it will be interesting to see if he suddenly starts hopping around like a young deer. I would think my part about it. And karma would fix it. But I don’t want to accuse him and Werner of having staged a circus. In any case, LASK has supported Raguz long enough and paid a considerable price for it. It was certainly the right thing to do to sell Raguz for a significant transfer fee plus – I assume – a resale clause. The financial resources must now be used wisely. And we will certainly get more from them than from Raguz in the last 1.5 years. That’s not hard. I have very good memories of some of Marko Raguz’ wow effects. But its performance data over the last few years also speaks volumes. It would probably have been more inside with his talent. And to be honest, I doubt he’ll be able to do that consistently. Jürgen Werner will be able to assess that. But he probably smells a next deal. And LASK will certainly have built accordingly. You know each other.”

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JochenGierlinger: “You have to say about Raguz that he was never a regular player for us. Last long time was not ready for use. Of course he has potential and because of his goals in the European Cup he also has a kind of legend status. But collecting >1 million for him is good business. If a top striker is signed now, you’re in a pretty good position together with Sabitzer. Ranftl hurts more at Austria.”

commando ultras 1: “Finally the topic is off the table. Baba Marko and don’t fall. Collecting 1.3 million for a Bundesliga striker with 10 goals in 2 seasons and more than 1.5 years away from the window, you can also congratulate those responsible.”

ferchi: “It’s a shame that the Raguz chapter at LASK is over, I would have liked him to be in top form again and then make the leap to a better league. As far as finances are concerned, I am also very surprised at the sums reported. I’m basically very open to various theories, but I think it’s so brilliant that someone brought the third-party ownership story into play here that, out of sheer thirst for sensation, I actually wish it would happen that way. What a brilliant move it would be if someone joined an ailing club and then signed players at significantly inflated prices, with the transfer fee flowing into their own pockets through some channel. Too awesome to be true. Kind of reminds me of my time as a manager in the PC game Kick-Off.”

You can find more fan opinions about LASK in the LASK forum of the Austrian Soccer Board.

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