That’s how Prince Andrew met Virginia Giuffre, who was a minor at the time

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New report: This is how Prince Andrew approached Virginia Giuffre, who was underage at the time

Virginia Giuffre is said to be silent on the allegations against Prince Andrew. At least until the throne jubilee.


A new book reveals juicy details about Prince Andrew’s encounters with then-underage Virginia Giuffre. It’s about rape and Andrew’s foot fetish.

It was the scandal that overshadowed the Queen’s 70th jubilee: Prince Andrew was accused of sexually abusing a minor. The prince narrowly averted the lawsuit by reaching an out-of-court settlement with Virgina Giuffre. The settlement cost the Queen’s son £12m (around €14m). The lawsuit came about because Prince Andrew was friends with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell many years ago, and it was in their environment that he met young Giuffre. The exact details about getting to know the prince and the minors are now revealed in a book that is due to be published at the end of June. Author Nigel Cawthorne writes about her life – and her encounters with Prince Andrew – in the biography “Virginia Giuffre”. Because Giuffre can continue to comment on the events. It is also about the role of Ghislaine Maxwell. As a little foretaste, the “Daily Mail” has now published an excerpt from it.

Prince Andrew: New juicy details about encounters with Virginia Giuffre

This describes in detail the day Virginia Giuffre met Prince Andrew for the first time. She spent the night at Maxwell’s townhouse in London. In the morning, Maxwell walked into Virginia’s bedroom and told her to buy a new outfit as she would later go dancing with Prince Andrew, the then 41-year-old son of the Queen. You never know where that might lead, Maxwell must have said to her. However, when they later met, the adults talked about his ex-wife for a while, Giuffre reported. Prince Andrew had been divorced for five years at the time and was a bachelor. Maxwell then asked Andrew how old he thought Virginia (whom Maxwell called “Jenna”) was. Giuffre claims he got it right: 17. Andrew later claimed he couldn’t remember ever meeting her.

Virginia was instructed to flatter him, but she was so nervous she said little. They had dinner together, which Prince Andrew later denied. According to Giuffre’s version, it went to a nightclub where Andrew danced with her, caressed her, sweated profusely and kissed her neck. Back at Maxwell’s home, Epstein snapped a quick photo of Andrew with his arm around Virginia’s waist. Then she was left to her “royal duties,” as she scathingly puts it. “He groped me,” she said. “He touched my boobs. He touched my butt. He started licking my toes, in between my toes, on the arches of my feet. What followed was the longest 10 minutes of my life,” Giuffre reports.

According to Giuffre, she had two more encounters with Prince Andrew. The second took place in Epstein’s New York office. Upstairs in the massage room she had to be at the prince’s service again. “Judging by the giggling noises, he was enjoying the whole thing, but I felt like a total prostitute,” she recalls.

One day after her 18th birthday she met Andrew again on Little St. James. There was dinner and so Andrew said ‘Hi’ to her. This was followed by a traumatic experience, the report says: An orgy was held by several women in Epstein’s hut. They stripped Giuffre naked and sexually raped her. Giuffre said Epstein and Prince Andrew watched and laughed. “Then they stripped and I performed a sexual act on them – first Jeffrey and then Andrew. It was disgusting. I didn’t enjoy it.” Buckingham Palace strongly denies Giuffre’s claims, as does Prince Andrew.

Quelle: “Daily Mail”




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