The singer sold his property at a great profit, but is not returning to Germany. t-online knows where Michael Wendler and his wife Laura have ended up and how much they are paying for their new place to stay.

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A Legal proceedings for thwarting a foreclosure, a million dollar claim from the tax office and Debts to various former business partners. A lot of financial construction sites are waiting for Michael Wendler in Germany. That doesn’t seem to bother the singer in his adopted home Florida, because there he continues to live in luxury.

Florida villa sold for 770,000 euros

Until recently, Wendler lived with his wife Laura in a chic villa in Cape Coral. He has now sold it – for 890,000 US dollars, the equivalent of around 770,000 euros. The notarized document for the deal is available to t-online. The musician bought the property in 2017 for more than $ 400,000 less, was now able to book a healthy profit.

Michael Wendler’s villa in Cape Coral has been sold. (Source:

But he will probably not pay his debts with it, because the pop singer prefers to let the money flow elsewhere. He and his Laura moved straight to the next luxury property. The couple’s new address emerges from the purchase agreement: a facility called Babcock Ranch, which is about an hour away from Cape Coral.

Michael Wendler's new home in Florida.  (Source: private)Michael Wendler’s new home in Florida. (Source: private)

The enclosed and guarded site is the first solar-powered community in the United States. The singer and his wife now live there for rent – for a whopping 6,300 euros a month. But the two now even have 30 square meters more than before, a larger garden and of course their own pool again.

Michael Wendler can therefore continue to enjoy the sunshine in Florida while his creditors in Germany have to wait for their money.


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