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On Tuesday, the tragic farce of Ulrich Becher and Peter Preses premiered in Central Burgenland.

With this piece of Austrian theater history, the Schloss-Spiele Kobersdorf set a coherent sign for their 50th season in the aftermath of the 100th anniversary year of Burgenland. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the acting ensemble, the premiere was a complete success.

In the direction of Claus Tröger, director Wolfgang Böck embodies the prime role of the recalcitrant butcher Karl Bockerer, Maria Hofstätter (Binerl), Markus Freistätter (Hans), Wolf Bachofner (Hatzinger), Christian Strasser (Ferdinand Gstettner) and Andy Hallwaxx (Dr. Rosenblatt). take on other leading roles. Maria Astl, Tanina Beess, Irene Colin/Hannah Hohloch, Hannes Gastinger, Gerhard Kasal, Walter Ludwig, Johannes Rhomberg, Julian Rohrmoser, Jörg Stelling and Johannes Terne can be seen in multiple roles. Christopher Haritzer comments live on stage with sounds on clarinets and accordion.

Celebrity audience

The premiere audience was made up of high-ranking representatives from politics, public service and personalities from society and culture. Amongst others, Governor Hans Peter Doskozil with Julia Jurtschak, President of the State Parliament Verena Dunst, Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf, the State Councilors Daniela Winkler, Heinrich Dorner, Leonhard Schneemann, Kammersänger Heinz Zednik, musician Harri Stojka, artist Harro Pirch, the actors Inge Maux and Hanno Pöschl, Kobersdorf’s mayor Andreas Tremmel, castle owner Anna Schlanitz-Bolldorf, regional director of the ORF Burgenland Werner Herics, Barbara Weißeisen from the Burgenland cultural operations, Dietmar Tunkel from Burgenland Tourism, managing director of Burgenland Energie Stephan Sharma, Waldquelle managing director Monika Fiala and master builder Richard Lugner.

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Before the performance, the guests had the opportunity to visit the recently restored former synagogue in Kobersdorf. This will be open throughout the season and, in combination with the “Bockerer”, offers a holistic cultural experience before the performance begins.

As a thank you for the guests of Schloss-Spiele Kobersdorf, for the first time in the 50-year history of Schloss-Spiele Kobersdorf there is a glossy magazine that is distributed free of charge after each performance. It offers a comprehensive overview of the history of the Burgenland institution.

LEADERSNET was at the premiere.



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