‘That lockdown will come’ – Wel.nl

“That lockdown will come. I am not involved, but I feel that. ” Diederik Gommers said that today The Coen and Sander Show on Radio 538.

“We are unable to reduce the number of infections,” thinks the chairman of the Association for Intensive Care. He does advocate a tailor-made lockdown, “more for the elderly than for the young.” Because Gommers also thinks: “We are not only talking about health care, but also about the economy and social life.”

The chairman of the Social and Economic Council (SER), Mariëtte Hamer, even calls a second peak of infections “disastrous for the economy”. She continues: “The cabinet would do well to make it clear every day that it is 5 to 12 am and that we must do everything to prevent a further outbreak. The GGDs need to be helped better. And we must take measures that disrupt the economy as little as possible. ”

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