That is why Dré and Monique’s reconciliation will fail!

I seriously wonder. Does Monique Westenberg still think she could grow old with André Hazes? And more importantly, why on earth would she want that?

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True love conquers all, say the romantics among us. The emphasis is then on the word ‘real’. Of course André Hazes was once really in love with Monique, who was sixteen years her senior. No one doubts that. But it is clear from his romances with Bridget Maasland, Sarah van Soelen and Anne Rose Zonneveld that he can also enjoy himself without Monique by his side. She always stayed at home with their son. Has she been wishing all along that Dré would return?

In that case she seems to get her way, because Monique is staying in Florida with her André. In the US they would like to investigate whether there is still a joint future for both of them. “We will see what form we need as a family, in which we can be ourselves together!” How poetic! America is clearly not called the land of unlimited possibilities for nothing.

Next slump

While their ‘little boy’ is having a great time at the theme parks, Mom and Dad would watch from a bench and talk about their future. It is rumored that even a marriage is being discussed. Again! If they actually return to the Netherlands as a married couple, it is a farce that is doomed to fail. Because Monique may want the best for little Dré, she must now realize that André will pack his bags again in the event of the next breakdown, crisis or setback.

Monique continues to draw the family card and emphasize that she especially keeps the importance of little Dré (no, that’s their son) in mind. While she was praised for this in the past, now she seems to cause irritation. Harry Vermeegen said: ,,That melodrama, that false sentiment irritates me so much! Our Dreetje (that’s André) just keeps doing it neatly outside and mother Teresa stays at home in Berkel en Rodenrijs, always waiting for her pigeon to fly in again.”

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‘Forbidden Fruit’

Harry is right! Of course! We should expect Monique to be wiser. She is a beautiful woman, you would not say that she is now 44 years old. Why not put an end to this dead-end relationship and look for a man who does want to stay with her? She can then remain best friends with André, the 28-year-old father of her child; a relationship without drama.

Should André and Monique choose to continue as a couple in sunny Florida, married or not, I predict that it will be short-lived. André is young and still too curious about what other female beauty has to offer him. The knowledge that Monique always wants to take him back will lower the threshold for André to taste ‘forbidden fruits’ again.

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