that day when she told her parents about her first time

Wednesday, December 29, 2021, Alexandra Lamy was invited on the set of RTL in the show Indulge, to promote his film “The Test”. A family comedy, which brought back some memories, especially when she told her parents about her first time.

In theaters since Wednesday, December 29, “Le Test” tells with humor the daily life of a family who one day discovers a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom. A family comedy in which we find Alexandra Lamy, who guest on the airwaves of RTL, did not fail to confide in the day when she told her parents about her first time. “My first time, in the morning, I go to the bathroom where my father was and I tell him that I did my first time. I tell him it didn’t go very well so I tell him. And then he said to me: ‘Why are you telling me this? I can’t imagine my daughter, it’s horrible! Go tell your mother about it! ‘“, she explained.

“I found that great”

The one who recently mentioned “his very dark thoughts“, then turned to her mother:”I am going to tell my mother and I see in the doorway, my father who starts to come in and who is listening. And then he said to me: ‘If it didn’t go very well, it’s normal, it’s the first time. Did this man pay attention to you? ‘ And suddenly, he gives me a speech. I thought it was great because in fact he’s a daddy with his daughter and he wonders if this man paid attention to his daughter. So I had a discussion with my dad who was crazy.

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