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Today it’s Sunday. A weekly rest day, which we keep on Sunday, is a command and a gift from God. We dedicate this day especially to the service of God. For Christians, Sunday is also a weekly echo of Easter Sunday, on which Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Reasons for us not to update our site today.

Tomorrow we would like to inform you again about the daily events, with background information, comments and opinion articles. As you are used to from us.

Word on Sunday

Age (2)

“Do not leave me, while my strength perishes.”

Psalm 71:9

Pushed aside and abandoned. This is how an elderly person can sometimes feel. Psalm 71 gives voice to those feelings. Reaching old age actually always means that more and more loneliness creeps into life. Loved ones are gone. The dearest, one by one. And the kids, if there are any, have their own lives and don’t want to bother you all the time. Glad if you as an older person are sometimes already that they help with all kinds of necessary things.

And God? “While old age and grayness are there, do not forsake me, O God…” (verse 18)



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