Thank you concert for care employees in Ziggo Dome

Prince Floris van Oranje is organizing a concert in the Ziggo Dome to thank healthcare workers for their work during the corona pandemic. In addition, the concert is also there to encourage them because of the heavy workload. The ‘Care 4 Care’ concert is on September 10.

“Healthcare workers from all over the country have worked very hard in recent years and it is time to thank them for that,” said the prince. “From all care institutions you feel that there is a need for a collective evening of relaxation. We want to give something back, relax for a while and above all unburden. We hope that the concert will contribute to this.”

There is room for 16,000 healthcare workers during the concert. Various industry organizations will send an invitation in the near future, the care employees can then register for the concert free of charge. Various DJs and Dutch artists will provide the music, Prince Floris will act as a DJ during the concert.


“Appreciation for the people in the hospital is mainly in the reduction of work pressure and administrative burdens, room for personal development, leadership and participation and better rewards”, says Maurice van den Bosch Board Chairman of the OLVG. “I think the gesture of Floris and his team should above all be seen as a heart under the belt and people can really use that.”

“Especially in the summer months we work with very tight teams and everyone looks at the autumn with some tension. So it is mainly support for all employees who do their best every day.”

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