Thalía told what are the allowed ones that break her healthy diet

at age 50 Thalia he has an impressive physique. She looks and feels good. That is the key. The Mexican diva follows a careful healthy diet, in which she prioritizes natural foods. Gymnastics and sports are also part of her daily routine. And all that makes Thalia have her “permits”, gastronomic weaknesses that tempt her and that she enjoys. That list of favorite dishes includes the pizza with caviar and donuts. “In your house I become #pacman. Impossible to follow any kind of diet”, she wrote to one of her friends Alex Cohen, in a photo around a super cake.

“In your house I am a pacman, you cannot follow any diet,” Thalía wrote to her friend Alex Cohen.

Pizza con caviar

Thalia He shared through social networks what his favorite food is, which he defined as one of the #Thalyeccentricities. The Mexican artist eats the pizza in a very particular way. What you do is pick one. pizza of super thin and crispy dough, only covered with tomato sauce, to which he adds several abundant spoonfuls of caviar. “My favorite: caviar on pizza. And in the end Coca Cola with lemon”, he wrote Thalia in a post in which she is seen smiling next to a portion of this particular pizza.



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