Texas will have the largest synthetic fuel plant in the world at two euros a liter

Texas will have the largest synthetic fuel plant in the world at two euros a liter

Sport Texas, United States, will have the largest synthetic fuels plant in the world. HIF Global will own and is backed by Porsche.

HIF Global, which is behind the Chilean pilot project together with Porsche, has been given the green light to build the world’s largest synthetic fuels plant, in Texas (USA). The e-fuel factory will be located in Matagorda, in the south of the state, and construction is scheduled to begin in 2024.

HIF Global is a Chilean company that launched a pilot installation in Haru Oni ​​together with Porsche. The 2,600 liters produced by this plant last year were sent to the Stuttgart firm for its one-make racing series in Germany.

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“In Texas, we are taking synthetic fuels to the next level of commercial scale, and now we are allowed to build the largest facility in the world, to produce approximately 750 million liters per yearsaid Meg Gentle, CEO of HIF Global.

Sport Texas will have the world’s largest synthetic fuels plant

The company’s goal is to produce this amount of synthetic fuel per year by 2027. To make this possible, HIF Global will need 300,000 tons of green hydrogen annually and about 2 million tons of “recycled carbon dioxide”.

The ingredients will then be combined to produce 1.4 million tons of methanol, which can be used in the chemical industry and as fuel for ships. If further refined it can become synthetic gasoline for passenger vehicles.

HIF Global has yet to reveal where it will source the CO2, hydrogen or energy to run the new plant, but the challenges of sourcing it all are one of the most contentious points in the industry, as the production of these alternative fuels demands a high consumption of electrical energy.

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The construction of what will be the largest synthetic fuel plant in the world will give a significant boost to the aspirations of this fuel in the future, which will have facilities with a large production capacity.

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