Dhe US government has sued the state of Texas in a dispute over its new and very strict abortion law. “The law is clearly unconstitutional,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday about the so-called heartbeat law, which prohibits an abortion from about the sixth week. Garland referred to a 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion.

“The Justice Department has a duty to defend the United States Constitution and uphold the rule of law,” said the Attorney General. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas, the US government demands that the law be immediately invalidated.

The law does not provide for any exceptions even in the case of rape

The strictest abortion law in the United States went into effect in Texas earlier this month. It prohibits abortions from the moment the fetus’s heartbeat can be determined. This is the case from around the sixth week of pregnancy, when many women do not even know that they are pregnant. Even in the case of rape or incest, the law does not provide for any exceptions.

There is also outrage that it is not the Texan authorities that are supposed to enforce the new regulations, but private individuals. Citizens are encouraged to blacken those who they suspect of assisting women with an abortion after the sixth week.


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