Teuns phone taken during Bahrain raid: ‘Police had no understanding’

Dylan Teuns is quite shocked by the raid that the police made on his Bahrain Victorious team and in particular on himself. The Belgian stage winner was kept in his room for a few hours, he informs The newspapaer.

‘As if a bomb had fallen in’, Teuns begins his story. “They searched my room from 9pm to 12:30am and took my cell phone. I was just allowed to write down three numbers of loved ones, the police had no understanding at all.’ Teuns can expect to wait a while for his device. “When I asked when I would get my phone back, they said it could take two months. Everything is on my phone: photos, contacts, you name it.’

Teuns was able to report that not all riders had to hand over their laptop or mobile phone. “They didn’t take everyone’s stuff. Especially those who ride a striking Tour were targeted. It’s bizarre’, says the Belgian, who is not aware of any harm. ‘I was able to get some good sleep after the raid, because I have nothing to hide anyway.’

Counselor Teuns: ‘They will determine that they are vitamins’

The newspapaer Guillaume Reynders, counsel for Teuns, also asked for a response. ‘They have found vitamins without a label at Dylan, which they do not trust and so have them analyzed in a laboratory. There they will determine that they are just vitamins, Dylan is very comfortable about it.’ Reynders thinks it is significant that the police have not arrested anyone. “If they had concrete evidence, it would have happened.”

Reynders is also already considering steps. “If that cell phone doesn’t come back soon, they can expect a note from me. It’s a show of force by the French police. In Belgium they read a telephone within an hour where loads of coke pass, and in France it would take two months.’

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