Testing robotic lawnmowers: this is the smart way to make your garden fit for summer

Can’t wait to spend more time in the garden in summer? Then a robotic lawnmower is your guarantee for many hours of sunshine! You can read here which model is convincing in the practical test …

As much as you love gardening, it takes time. And that is especially true when it comes to lawn care. Not only does it have to be mowed, but also fertilized, de-mossed and ventilated. This can take up many valuable hours that we actually want to enjoy playing or relaxing with our loved ones in the garden. The latter make robotic lawnmowers possible again – in a smart way!

The trendy garden tools are the gardening stars “of the moment”: In many gardens they are already creating well-tended greenery – including the GARDENA® smart SILENO life. Mulching, fertilizing and mowing simply takes on the practical product highlight from the range of the expert brand for gardening tools yourself. In spring 2021, testers from the brands you love community were able to find out how well he does his gardening. And the results are really impressive:

  • 100% of the survey participants rate the quality as (very) good.
  • 94% of the survey participants found the volume (very) good.
  • 100% of the survey participants rate the lawn cut as (very) good.
  • 94% of the survey participants rate the technical features as (very) good.

So the testers are enthusiastic and are already enjoying their free time in their well-tended garden! It’s high time to take a look at the benefits of the GARDENA® smart SILENO life …

1. The robotic lawnmower can be used in any weather – reliably and flexibly.

Doing gardening in the rain doesn’t exactly bring summer joy to life. And now the good news: The GARDENA® smart SILENO life can be used in any weather and on any lawn, no matter how complex it is. It can even mow inclines of up to 35 percent. Its area capacity: up to 1250 square meters.

With a view of the area, the following special feature of the GARDENA® smart SILENO life should not go unmentioned: It also reliably mows narrow passages and dead ends from 60 centimeters. In other words, places where standard lawnmowers often reach their limits – literally.

2. You control your robotic lawnmower cleverly and smartly.

Wherever you are: You can control the GARDENA® smart SILENO life from anywhere. If it is connected via Bluetooth, you can control it from up to 10 meters away. You are on the way? No problem: with the GARDENA® Smart App you can also operate it “on the go”. Pretty smart!

Speaking of controls: You can of course also set the exact mowing times. Do you only want it to start when the kids (tired from playing in the fresh air) are in bed and are deep asleep? It’s good that when setting up the GARDENA® smart SILENO life, not only the lawn size but also the operating times are queried. Only based on this does he create a schedule that suits you and your life – and thanks to the “Sensor Control” function, which optimizes the mowing frequency, also the grass growth of your lawn!

3. Your robotic lawnmower can do so much more.

What else do you need to know about the GARDENA® smart SILENO life? At a glance:

  • Pro-Silent: the robotic lawnmower works quietly – with a guaranteed 57 db (A) *.

  • Spot cutting: With the GARDENA® smart SILENO life is also targeted, spiral mowing Possible in hard-to-reach places, for example under the trampoline or under garden furniture.

  • Tech at its best: The tried and tested technology creates precise results (e.g. thanks to the invisible GARDENA boundary cable) – after all, there is more than GARDENA® in the SILENO robotic lawnmowers 20 years of robotic lawnmower experience.

Are you still mowing or are you already letting your GARDENA® smart SILENO life take over? You can read more information about the top garden tool here!

*ISO 11094

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