Figure skating and Chelyabinsk are made for each other, as are several other things in the Traktor arena. Sport24 correspondent Konstantin Lesik talks about the brightest moments that happened on the second day of the test skates of the Russian national team.

Tutberidze + Kostornaya = 😈

Alena Kostornaya was able to perform a triple axel. But Eteri Tutberidze didn’t like the performance very much. The head coach of Khrustalny chastised the European champion right in front of the cameras.

Kostornaya: I forgot … I forgot.

Tutberidze: Why are you looking at us like a child: tell me? Did you think to see the running line instead of us?

Gleichenhaus (from what is heard on the air): Yes, how will we help you during the rental?

Tutberidze: With this axel, Alain, you need a second axel. You didn’t even plan that.

Kostornaya’s exit from the ice in the attached video starts at 5:19.

In a conversation with reporters, Alena explained what exactly she had forgotten.

“During the step sequence, I forgot … the path. I tried to rectify the situation, made two incomprehensible movements, it was in the middle, yes. (smiles) But in general I did not do anything adequate, because I got both blocks on my right leg. It only got worse. But this is a passing stage, it says that you need to be attentive not only to the jumps, but also to the rest of the program. “

Skaters + journalists = 🌹

On the second day, there were half the number of journalists in the mixed zone than on the previous day. And this made the atmosphere a little more homely, and the questions and answers a little warmer. European champion Alexandra Boykova, emotionally, even shared a rose with Veronika Sovetova from TASS. And her partner Dmitry Kozlovsky at that moment said that he was looking forward to the final of the US Open with the participation of Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic. The skater admitted that he will watch the battle of tennis players at night before leaving for the airport.

Konstantin Lesik, Sport24

Hockey + figure skating = ❤️

The arena in Chelyabinsk is quite unusual for figure skating. Firstly, it was quite legal to drink beer here – there was a sports bar right inside the arena, and control rentals were not a competition. 0.5 liters of a foamy drink was sold for 200-300 rubles, depending on the variety. But there was almost no demand for it.

Secondly, everything inside was saturated with hockey and reminded of Traktor, the KHL club that plays at the stadium. And the most beautiful picture was the image of a Russian hockey player who, with a sweet smile, ties the skater’s laces. This is the love of two ice sports. Even the Canadian hockey players, who have fallen into the background of the image, are envious.

Konstantin Lesik, Sport24

Fans + Trusova = 🤯

Alexandra Trusova impressed everyone: coaches, commentators, journalists. And, of course, the fans who surrounded the figure skater in a crowd at the exit from the arena. It was not easy for the bronze medalist of the World Championship to get to the bus through dozens of people who wanted to take a joint photo and get an autograph. Part of the public’s attention was taken by the two-time Olympic champion Maxim Trankov, who worked in Chelyabinsk as a journalist.

Dudakov + covers = ✅

But the sweetest moment of the skates belongs to Sergei Dudakov. The coach of Khrustalny was very worried about Sasha. So hard that he kissed her skate covers right after the historic skate was over. These footage from the broadcast of Channel One blew up social networks.