Test of the Nanoleaf Elements, connected and woody lighting

Nanoleaf has become known for its original connected lights. Instead of starting with bulbs like Hue did, the company imagined colored tiles to be positioned freely on a wall or ceiling to offer mood lighting where you don’t control each element individually, but where various scenes can be projected. Since the appearance of its first product, Nanoleaf has refined its solution and offered multiple shapes, including the square for the Canvas that we tested a few years ago:

Nanoleaf Canvas review, a HomeKit light panel

Nanoleaf’s latest idea is to offer light tiles with a less technological aspect. In its Elements kit, the hexagons are covered with a surface with a wood look to better blend them into the decor. We keep the principle of tiles to be assembled as we want, we lose the varied colors of the manufacturer’s other wall products, but we gain a more discreet device capable of adding a touch of atmosphere and even lighting a room in the black. A good idea ? That’s what we’re going to see together!

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