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The junior crossover of the Korean premium brand has entered into its competitors Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC. Is the Korean upstart capable of discouraging buyers from established influencers?

The Genesis brand’s application is very ambitious: to offer the client a product that is not inferior to the best samples of the premium segment, that is, the big German three, but at the best price. With 190-horsepower turbodiesel Genesis GV70 is estimated at a minimum of 4,150,000 rubles, the petrol modification with a 2.5-liter turbo starts at 4,200,000 rubles. At the top of the line is the 3.5-liter 379-horsepower version at a price of 5,850,000 rubles. Expensive! But the Germans are even more expensive! For the Audi Q5, all other things being equal, you will have to finish off about a quarter of a million. The difference with the BMW X3 already reaches 750,000, and with the Mercedes-Benz GLC – almost one million three hundred!

Design and ergonomics

How to immediately hook a picky buyer, if not the exterior? And with that, the GV70 is doing well – the recognizable styling with dual headlights and taillights has already been tested on modern Genesis models. But compared to the older GV80, there is a more sloping roof, thanks to which the seventy looks cocky. You can also emphasize the dynamism with the decor, since there are two exterior design options – standard and sporty. The latter features a bumper with larger air intakes, a rear bumper with huge tailpipes and a lack of chrome trim.

The salon is also chic, shiny and beautiful.

The quality of the finishes is excellent, the stylish stuff is also available. German crossovers in this class already have a lot to learn from the Koreans. Some of the steering wheel levers with a metal finish are worth something! Or “kruglyash” multimedia control with a milky touch surface. And what a central touchscreen here! The diagonal is 14.5 inches, the graphics are great and the logic is intuitive.

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The functionality is supplemented by the Genesis Connected Services system with a free subscription for three years. With its help, you can remotely unlock and lock doors, start and stop the engine, open and close windows, control the climate system, view images from all-round cameras and perform many other actions with the car – useful and not very useful.

In terms of ergonomics, the Korean crossover, however, has room for improvement. You can reach the aforementioned wonderful touchscreen only by tearing yourself away from the seat back, and “round” is often confused with the automatic transmission selector washer. German premium SUVs do not allow themselves such “nuances”.

The dashboard with a 3D effect also did not cause delight – the image here is slightly blurry. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a similar tidy and gives the picture clearer and more voluminous. However, this effect can be turned off, and in general there is a sensible projection of the readings on the windshield.

What I loved was the Ergo motion front seats. Today you will not surprise anyone with an abundance of electric adjustments – there is everything here, including adjusting the length of the pillow. But there are also unusual solutions: for example, seven air cells in the pillow and backrest. It was worth starting more actively, and the back increased the girth. Inflating the pillow formally maintains posture. I didn’t feel a big difference, but it’s cool! I also did not understand one more trick: the allegedly varying intensity of seat ventilation depending on the speed. To be honest, I didn’t notice the difference.

In the second row, with a height of 180 cm, I sit behind a front seat adjusted for me with a solid margin of knees, there is also room for my feet under the pillow. Comfortable seats are equipped with backrest tilt adjustment. As an option, a climate system is offered, however, a single-zone one. And the trunk is not bad for the class – 542 liters. It can be increased by moving the second row forward. Interestingly, only the petrol versions have a spare wheel, and the turbo diesel is supposed to have a tire repair kit.

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Engineering and customization

Technically, the GV70 is equal to the big brother GV80 – the machines are based on the same platform. And it can be equipped, as they say, “from the belly.” The list of options includes a complete set of electronic assistants that monitor everything and everyone: from surrounding vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians to road markings and driver fatigue. There is also an adaptive suspension: the shock absorbers change their stiffness, focusing on the readings of the front camera, which is scanning irregularities. But on the test there were no cars with such a chassis – everything was on the usual “passive” (springs).

This is not a cause for frustration: often it is these simple solutions that work best on our roads. And at first I really didn’t have any questions – the GV70 rides nobly on smooth roads. The feeling of solid heaviness is in harmony with precise steering and even some excitement in habits, although you expect even more from a sporty appearance. Problems arise when the road surface deteriorates. The worse the asphalt, the more actively the crossover strives to jump off the trajectory, and you no longer want to rush. But the “Germans” do not lose control accuracy and reliability on bad roads!

A similar picture and smoothness. On a highway with good asphalt, the GV70 is firm and comfortable, but in urban potholes, manholes, cracks and speed bumps, the suspension allows for hard bumps. And that’s on basic 19-inch wheels! It is clear that it will be even worse on the optional 21 “rollers. But there is order with sound insulation. Neither tires nor wind irritate at all.

Movement and appetite

All engines are combined exclusively with all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic. It was not possible to try the senior motor in practice, but this fierce 379-horsepower unit is rather an image toy. Modifications with a 2.2-liter 199-horsepower turbodiesel and a 2.5-liter 249-horsepower gasoline engine will be bought.

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Diesel pulls well in the city, but on the highway overtaking is already heavy. Although the maximum 440 Nm is available in the range of 1750-2750 rpm, and the power peak is at 3800 rpm, the growl of the diesel engine when driving assertively is annoying and knocks out of the overall blissful acoustic picture.

The gasoline unit is not only more powerful, but also works more readily at high revs, and the torque shelf of 441 Nm extends from 1650 to 4000 rpm. So 2.5 is good in all modes, it also works quieter and sounds more noble. But the payback is fuel consumption. In the city, the diesel GV70 drinks a maximum of ten liters, and the gasoline one – all fifteen liters per hundred.

So what’s the bottom line? Watch out, German premium? The main problems of the Korean crossover are imperfect ergonomics and mediocre ride. But in terms of the quality of the finish, the GV70 is on top, cute and yes! – it is much cheaper! Here, as they say, who has what priorities. For lovers of honed driving characteristics, this Genesis is unlikely to suit. But if a beautiful and high-quality interior, recognizable appearance and rich equipment are a priority for the buyer, why not?

Specifications Genesis GV70 2.5
Dimensions, mm 4715х1910х1630
Wheelbase, mm 2875
Turning circle, m 11,5
Ground clearance, mm 185
Trunk volume, l 542
Curb weight, kg 1985
engine’s type R4, petrol, turbo
Working volume, cubic meters cm 2497
Max. power, hp / rpm 249/4500-5800
Max. moment, Nm / rpm 422/1650-4000
Drive unit full
Transmission 8-band automatic
Max. speed, km / h 235
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, s 6,7
Fuel consumption (average), l / 100 km 10,3
Tank volume, l 66



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