Tesla prepares an update to the Model Y: what we know about “Juniper”

Tesla prepares an update to the Model Y: what we know about “Juniper”

  • Tesla still hasn’t managed to put its long-awaited and several times postponed Cybertruck pickup on sale. However, he already has a project in mind: an update to the Model Y.
  • The code name of the new electric car of the Elon Musk brand would be Juniper.
  • Tesla expects to sell 20 million cars annually by 2030. Currently, it is less than 1.5 million units.

We all thought that the American electric car manufacturer Tesla was so dedicated to (finally) bringing its innovative pick-up to market. Cybertruckwho had no time or means to dedicate himself to new projects in the short term.

But we were wrong: this week a story came to light about the arrival of a reversal of one of its most successful Tesla models: the Model Y.

That’s right, according to unofficial sources from the financial media and the automobile sector in the United States, the firm of billionaire Elon Musk has already chosen even the code name for the new car: Juniper.

The production and development stage is also said to be expected by 2024.

For this reason, if the sources have been right, the first phases have already taken place and we would be talking about what the sector calls “a middle stage”, that is, design and development.

This news attracts a lot of attention because Tesla is not a company that has surprises or knows how to keep its secrets well. But this time, it seems, Musk succeeded.

Many understand that since the focus of their problems is on the purchase of Twitter, the media neglected what happens in the electric car company.

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Tesla prototypes: Juniper

This new model would be added to the one that the American company has had in stock for some years, the Model 3 (model that, by the way, needed a restyling for a long time).

If the versions are met, two of the most famous electric models in the world can be reversed in a very short time and, as usual, in a staggered way. All this, at the same time that the brand tries to finish a job that it has left half done: finally finishing the first production of Cybertrucks and offering them for sale.

Tesla Juniper
Tesla is trying, at the same time that it studies the Juniper project, to finish a job that it has left half done: the Cybertruck.

The probable modifications that it is believed that the new Model Y will have would be related above all to the external facade, where some changes would be made to the body and design.

In addition, the improvement of the interior part is planned with the aim of including innovations that make it more complete.

One detail, it is expected that all this will not increase its sale price, since Musk has been saying that the idea is to lower the sale values ​​of Tesla.

The versions of the media in the United States ensure that Tesla has already requested new parts from suppliers for the “Juniper”.

unexpected changes

It is not necessary to leave aside the mention related to the sale times of the current Model Y, which has been in the markets for three years, so it does not have a very long path if it is remembered that the other models of this company of electric cars traveled more years.

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The important thing is that the growth that Tesla had in terms of batteries, parts and design make it the right time to bring a new variant to the market if the idea is to continue competing with cars of this type.

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