At the end of last week, the first report was published, for which journalists had the opportunity to try out the Tesla autopilot system in its beta version FSD: A reporter from the TV station borrowed a Tesla Model 3 from one of the private test participants and drove it in FSD mode, watched by cameras, through difficult streets in Brooklyn, New York. It will probably be years before autonomous driving really works, was his conclusion in the CNN article after several tricky situations. But now the owner of the Tesla has reported with his own video of the same trip.

Tesla owner filmed from the back seat

He was contacted by CNN with the question of whether it was possible to try out his FSD Tesla in New York, @jasontallman reported on Sunday via Twitter and YouTube. Because he had read factual and well-informed articles from the reporter beforehand, he agreed – and also not canceled when he got the impression on the spot that the team was only interested in driving their own car instead of their own To ask about FSD experiences. But he insisted on filming the test from the back seat with his smartphone.

Similar to several Tesla fans immediately after the release of the CNN video, the distributor accuses the broadcaster of having focused in the report only on the mistakes that the FSD system made in the heavy traffic of Brooklyn, rather than on its “impressive” ones Progress “. During the trip, more than enough material was produced for CNN to give its contribution a significantly different focus. With this, he is presenting his version of what it should have been about, explains the Tesla owner in an introduction, and then shows his own compilation.

At a good five minutes, this version is a little longer than the CNN report. There is relatively little to see of the road environment because the Tesla rental company is filming from the back right to the front left of the driver – everything around him is full of camera and sound technology. The comments of the reporter behind the wheel are easy to hear. Among other things, he explains that a conscious decision was made to run the Tesla system in a difficult environment.

Reporter praises and criticizes FSD system

@Jasontallman omits all scenes in which the reporter made frightened noises in the CNN report because Model 3 wanted to turn left through a truck trailer, for example. The TV man’s statement that the beta software apparently still needs an intervention every few blocks can also be heard in it. Specifically, he once explains that the Tesla tried to change lanes, although there was no trace of it. More often than in the CNN video, the reporter praises correct decisions of the system and calls it fascinating. He also points out that there have apparently not been any accidents with it since the start of the test (but this seems to be out of date after a report about an FSD crash with a Tesla Model Y to the NHTSA).

At the end of its introduction, the lender says he hopes not to be excluded from the beta test because of the campaign. This risk should be low, however, because after reports of a silence clause vis-à-vis the media for all FSD testers, Tesla removed it. In addition, CEO Elon Musk praised the alternative video from @jasontallmann on Twitter as “interesting”.

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