It will soon be a full year since Tesla last delivered the new Model S and Model X to Europe. The two premium electric cars were presented in a refreshed form this January, and Tesla stopped producing the old versions by the end of 2020. In the USA, too, customers had to wait a long time for the first refresh deliveries, but outside of Tesla’s home country (plus more recently Canada) there is still nothing to be seen. According to the configurator, anyone who orders new in Germany today will have to wait for their Model S or Model X until the end of 2022. In China, however, the first new Model S should be available in March, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Info from Tesla boss on Twitter

In its configurator for China, Tesla is currently also naming the end of next year as the estimated delivery date. As in Europe, it applies equally to Model S and Model X, including their new Plaid versions with three engines. The Far Eastern country already has its own Gigafactory, which is also producing an increasing number of Model 3 and Model Y for export markets. The premium models S and X, however, will still only be manufactured at the US plant in Fremont, so China will also have to wait until Tesla plans to provide export capacity there.

According to CEO Elon Musk, this could happen earlier than the configurator currently suggests. After he had praised the Model S Plaid (see photo above) as “sickkkk !!!” (roughly: “geillll !!!”) on Sunday for no apparent reason on Twitter, one of his Asian followers asked when it was supposed to China will come. “Probably around March,” replied the Tesla boss.

That doesn’t sound like a firm commitment, but it is new information. And it suggests that the late dates displayed in the configurator for China and Europe only apply to current new orders, not to customers who have already decided on a Model S or Model X earlier. In Europe, Tesla had previously postponed this information further and further. When it was presented this January, the configurator still showed September 2021, soon after that November, and most recently in October the estimated date jumped another six months to the end of 2022 after several intermediate steps.

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No appointment for Model S and Model X in the USA

Rumor has it that the first Model S plaids will be delivered in Europe as early as the fourth quarter of this year, which has not yet been confirmed. But the new Musk statement suggests that Tesla no longer wants to produce at least the first of its premium models exclusively for its home continent. Meanwhile, in the US, another interesting change in the configurator was noticed. According to the information there, newly ordered Model S plaids are to be delivered in January or February 2022, Model X plaids in May or June. For the basic versions of these two electric cars, however, Tesla no longer gives an estimated date.

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