Cases of anger in road traffic with unpleasant consequences occur again and again, but a particularly severe one has now occurred in Taiwan. The scene was published at the end of last week and initially gave the impression that the driver of a Tesla Model 3 had lost control – he deliberately and repeatedly rammed a white Toyota in a city. As it later turned out, however, the action served to free another Tesla owner and to catch his kidnappers.

Tesla rams Toyota on the side of the road

As “GTA in real life with a Model 3,” @hsumacher from Taiwan commented on the Twitter video he posted on Friday. It shows a white Tesla turning left into a street, heading straight for the Toyota standing there on the right edge and ramming it at an angle at the front left. Up to this point it could have been an oversight, but what happens next speaks clearly against it.

Because after the collision, the Tesla driver doesn’t get out to examine the damage. Instead, the right rear door of the Toyota opens and a man comes out. Meanwhile, the Tesla pushes the rammed car with a squeak across the street to its edge. The person who got off earlier runs away. But the battle between Tesla and Toyota continues.

With the rear door open, the Toyota driver tries to escape, but the one in the Model 3 quickly catches up with him, rams him to the side again from the right and cuts off his path. Then the Toyota tries to reverse, in which it briefly disappears from the picture. But the already severely dented Tesla turns and accelerates quickly, and immediately afterwards another collision can be heard. Model 3 rammed the Toyota again, this time slightly from the left, and then pushed it against a wall.

This ends the video, which initially gave the impression that the Tesla driver was the aggressor here. A report by the local publication UDN came up with a completely different explanation. Before that, the Toyota collided with another Tesla, it says. After the crash, the four occupants hit the Tesla driver and then pulled him into their car. The driver of the white Model 3 is a friend of his and was watching the scene. He immediately decided to use his car to stop the kidnappers.

Determined rescuer with Model 3

This obviously succeeded, but at the cost of considerable damage to the Tesla Model 3 (and even more so to the Toyota). The opponent in the accident was a rental car with four young men, reports UDN. The police are said to have already identified the driver and the names of his three passengers are also known. According to the UDN, they are facing legal proceedings for disrupting order, imprisonment and property damage. Whether the determined rescuer with the Model 3 has to answer for his mission is not clear from the report translated with Google.

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