Tesla Model 2 should be available for € 21,000 from 2023

A few months ago, Elon Musk announced a cheap Tesla for $ 25,000. Now there are the first details: The new Tesla should go on sale in 2023 and could be named Model 2 because of its positioning as an entry-level model. It is made in China, but for worldwide sale.

The Model 2 will be a compact hatchback

The British magazine Autocar reports in detail about Tesla’s plans. Accordingly, the new model will be a compact hatchback. It should build on the great success that the Model 3 had in Europe. The starting price of $ 25,000 in the US is the equivalent of around 21,000 euros. This would make the car by far the cheapest Tesla. Model 3 sales show that a cheap, compact Tesla would likely be extremely popular.

Tesla is working on affordable, long-range batteries

This prize is made possible by a new battery technology that Tesla is developing. According to Autocar, the batteries are half cheaper to manufacture, provide five times as much energy and up to 16 percent more range per charge than today’s rechargeable batteries. Tesla first mentioned the technology on Battery Day last year and announced the affordable Tesla. But that requires cheap batteries, so Musk at the time. He also said the batteries could go into production this year and cost only £ 77 per kilowatt-hour to manufacture.

Minimum range 250 miles

The new Tesla should therefore have a very competitive range. Because, as Elon Musk said on various occasions, a range of less than 250 miles, i.e. less than 400 kilometers, is not acceptable for Tesla. Musk is referring to the strict driving cycle of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A decision made in July 2020 shows how serious he is about it. At that time, he simply canceled the standard-range version of the Model Y with reference to the insufficient range.

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Autocar also speculates about the size of the battery in Model 2. So far, no Tesla has a battery with less than 50 kWh. A variant with a shorter range could enable Tesla to enter the increasingly competitive market for urban mobility, argues Autocar.

Made in China

Tesla was already previewing a compact model, the design of which was heavily modeled on the Model 3, when it was looking for applicants for its research and design department in China. In China, Tesla has so far only manufactured vehicles for the Chinese market, but Elon Musk has announced that he will also build a Tesla there for global sales.

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