Tesla Gigafactory Mexico, new information leaked.  Construction will be attempted in record time

Tesla Gigafactory Mexico, new information leaked. Construction will be attempted in record time

After the announcement made by Elon Musk, more information on the new Tesla factory arrives from Mexico. Many jobs expected, and super-fast construction by Massimiliano Zocchi published on 07 March 2023, at 18:47 in the Tesla Electric Cars channel After months of rumors, half-announcements and revelations from politicians, during the Investor Day Tesla has finally formalized the arrival of the new factory in Mexico. After Shanghai, Berlin, and Austin, Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León, will be a very important factory for Tesla, as it seems that it will be dedicated to the mass production of a new generation electric vehicle, with a new platform. During the announcement, however, Musk and him were really buttoned down on any other information, which instead is coming from the revelations of the local media, in turn in contact with Mexican politicians, eager to let citizens know the news. In particular, Samuel García, Governor of Nuevo León, announced that the factory will be built on a plot of about 17 square kilometers, or about double the area where the plant is located in Texas. The cost of production will be 5 billion dollars, quite in line with what was spent on previous occasions. According to initial data, 7,000 people should work in GigaMexico, a similar number, or slightly less than in the other plants, perhaps due to improvements in manufacturing, which will require fewer steps. But obviously the city of Monterrey and the surrounding area are particularly excited about the related activities that will be generated. The latest information, perhaps the most important, comes from Tom Zhu, Tesla head of the Gigafactories, according to which his team plans to build the factory at a record pace, exactly as has already happened in China. Back then, only nine months had passed from the foundation stone to car production.



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