While Tesla billed his Model 3 repair for $ 16,000, a YouTuber was able to rebuild his vehicle with help from an independent dealer for just $ 700.

Rich Rebuilds is a YouTuber specializing in cars, specifically electric models. His personal car, a Tesla Model 3, was unfortunately put out of service. Cost of repair? 16,000 dollars! Or more or less half the purchase price of the vehicle. Never mind, Rich Rebuilds was able to repair his Model 3 for just $ 700, thanks to an independent store.

La Tesla Model 3 de Rich Rebuilds – Crédit : Rich Rebuilds / YouTube

It was after driving over debris on the street that Rich Rebuilds observed a coolant leak and damage to a vehicle battery flange. Needless to say, such an incident does not fall under Tesla’s warranty conditions. The manufacturer is also asking $ 16,000 to repair the damage, claiming that a new battery pack is needed to get the Model 3 back to working order.

Not surprisingly, such an amount was not a viable option for Rich Rebuilds. Especially since neither the Tesla guarantee, nor the YouTuber’s insurance cover the costs. So how do you do it?

An invoice that goes from 16,000 to 700 dollars!

Rather than replacing the battery pack and ending up with an astronomical bill, Rich Rebuilds showed ingenuity. With the help of an independent store, the repair could be done for just $ 700. How? ‘Or’ What ? By cutting the flange and securing the vehicle coolant pipe with a brass fitting that you can easily find in DIY stores!

While the performance is commendable, it’s a safe bet that Tesla doesn’t appreciate this kind of practice. The next visit to an official dealership may not be the most pleasant for Rich Rebuilds. In the meantime, the invoice for the repair of his Model 3 has still been able to be divided by 20!

Source : Carscoops