Terrific! The photos of Martita Fort posing for Cande Tinelli have leaked

Through her social networks, Martita Fort gave a small preview of the production of photos and caused a sensation with her appearance.

martita fort modelo.webp

The god donned a super tight nude color outfit and carried an exclusive Balenciaga bag.

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Martita Fort swept Las Vegas

Unlike celebrities like Pampita, Silvina Escudero and Zaira Nara, among others, Martita chose Fort Las Vegas to vacation and from there she did not stop sharing stories from her day to day.

always fashionista, Martita Fort surprised with the style she chose to visit the casinos and attractions and it was she herself who showed her style.

Next to an image of a tik tok he wanted to do, Martita Fort wore a super striking printed corset and mini skirt and stole the eye with her increasingly blonde hair.

martita fort.jpg

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Felipe Fort swept the streets of Paris

Felipe Fort He packed his bags and traveled to Europe. Ricardo Fort’s son chose Paris as his holiday destination and hence caused a stir in the networks.

it was the same Felipe Fort who shared pictures of his walks through the city of lights and surprised with his impressive style.

felipe fort paris 1.jpg

As a worthy heir of his father, Felipe Fort joined the latest trends and wore a very chic outfit, ideal for Parisian glamour.

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“What elegance of France,” writes Felipe Fort next to the photos where he is seen as a model posing with the Arc de Triomphe in the background.

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