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Terrible complaint of the Villa Dálmine players accused of “going backwards” against Barracas Central

Despite the fact that more than a week has passed, the match that Villa Dalmine lost 3-1 to Central stalls continues to talk. It is that the strong rumors that several players of the team of Campaign “they went to less” before the team that presided Claudio Tapia they generated tremendous reactions.

For this reason, a group of footballers posted a video in which they not only refer to those rumors, but also in which they also said that they received harsh threats, many of them death after that loss at home that allowed Barracas to win their zone in the First National and play the final for promotion before Tiger, in which he lost 1-0 on Monday.

“We are here to go out to deny all the sayings that have come out this week. We as a team have come out to win this game, as we did throughout the tournament “, assured Emanuel Bilbao.

“We knew that this game was going to be very difficult both on and off the field because of all that was being speculated and talked about in the previous week, so today we are all together here to clarify this situation”added the footballer.

The other one who spoke in the video he posted Campana360 it was Gaston Diaz and expressed: “There are many people saying atrocities about us and As a result, there are several colleagues who have been threatened with death, among other things ”.

“If the result of the match would have been favorable for us, we would not be going through this situation, our names as players would not be staining, the name of the club, and the second round we did would not be obscuring”he explained.

Look at the release of the Villa Dálmine footballers:


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