Terelu denies that María Teresa Campos owes money to Gustavo, the driver: “If my mother needs something, I will manage it for her”

After Kiko Hernández’s polygraphwhere some conversations of Gustavo, the driver of Maria Teresa Campos what I would have recorded some conversations of the Campos family, both Have him as carmen borrego They have spoken about what was revealed in the program and they have defended their mother.

“I think Gustavo was wrong, but they have also taken him to their landand not only Kiko Hernández”, declared the little girl from Las Campos. After her speech, Terelu has been more forceful: “I know the reality that I have lived and absolutely no one can take that away from me”. In addition, she has denied that money is owed.

“It is not true that he was owed a year’s payroll, among other things, because I have paid it, and not only Gustavo’s,” explained the eldest of the Campos. In addition, it has been clear: “If it appears in the polygraph that he has told Kiko Hernández, it’s a lie“.

Regarding the role of María Teresa Campos in the matter, Terelu has made a plea in her favor: “She is my mother, and if she needs something, that’s what I am for.” “I’ve had a fucking life thanks to my mother, and if you need something I manage it“He has insisted, which has extended to his entire family.

The presenter of Save me He has also given details of the family situation: “At a difficult time for my mother we have been the ones we had to beincluding Gustavo”.

Of course, she has been uncomfortable due to the pressure of telling private things on television: “I I do not have to be forced to give details of intimate life and economic of my mother”. “I don’t have to, it doesn’t go in the salary or anything, but what I am not going to let is that a lie be told like the top of a pine”, he has insisted.

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