Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Photo: REUTERS)

Boris Johnson rejected this Monday the new demands of the Scottish Government to hold a new independence referendum from 2023, after the Chief Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has returned to remember the “indisputable mandate”Available to carry out said consultation.

“Democracy must prevail, and will prevail,” Sturgeon emphasized during a conference of the Scottish National Party (SNP) held this Monday via videoconference in which he appealed to the “spirit of cooperation” of Downing Street, as “People in Scotland have the right to make that decision.”

“The experience of the pandemic and its subsequent challenges, which we now face, reinforce my view that this is the right path. So in that spirit of cooperation, I hope the Scottish and UK governments can reach an agreement, as we did in 2014, ”said the Scottish minister.

“Until recently, no one seriously questioned the right of people in Scotland to choose whether or not they wanted to become independent. Frankly, it is not for a Westminster Government, which has only six MPs in Scotland, to decide our future without the consent of the people who live here. “added.

Nicola Sturgeon, Chief Minister of Scotland (Photo: REUTERS)
Nicola Sturgeon, Chief Minister of Scotland (Photo: REUTERS)

Among the reasons that Sturgeon put forward for going ahead with the independence consultation is London’s decision to go ahead with Brexit, one of the “conservative obsessionsWhat is causing great “damage” to Scotland.

“Westminster will use all that damage it has inflicted as an argument for greater control. As we get poorer, they will say that we cannot afford to be independent. By cutting off our trade with the EU, they will say that we are too dependent on the rest of the UK, ”he argued.

“By reducing our workforce, they will say that the country is aging too fast. They want us to believe that we are powerless over disastrous decisions that they have made for us and the damage that those decisions are causing. They want us to look inward, not outward, “added the Scottish minister.

However, the British Government has not been slow to rule out such a possibility and has denied any movement in that regard when Sturgeon still hadn’t even finished his closing speech at the SNP conference.

The Scottish government seeks to hold a new independence referendum (Photo: Getty Images)
The Scottish government seeks to hold a new independence referendum (Photo: Getty Images)

“This is just not the time”, said the prime minister’s spokesman during a meeting with the press in Downing Street, in which it has been insisted that the fight against the pandemic and its economic consequences are the current priorities of the Government of London.

“The Scots have made it clear that they want the UK Government and decentralized governments to work together to defeat the pandemic, that is our priority”Johnson’s spokesmen said, according to the newspaper The Scotsman.

Last May, SNP was made by quarter consecutive time with the triumph in the Scottish legislatures, although on the verge of achieving an absolute majority that could be facilitated by the Greens, the other nationalist force in Parliament.

Last week, a poll published by Sky News predicted a narrow victory in favor of the independence movement, which would obtain 51% of the votes, while another disclosed by the newspaper Scotsman it placed the secession’s detractors at around 52 percent.

For his part, days ago the Scottish Minister of the Constitution, Angus Robertson, he said in an interview with the agency EFE that the Sturgeon government has “The mandate of society to hold a referendum” of independence in this legislature after which he lost in 2014.

The SNP was re-elected to face the pandemic crisis and to hold a referendum with which society can decide on the future of its country“Said Robertson, who announced that they will promote the plebiscite” as soon as the pandemic is over. “

We have a mandate from society to hold a referendum. One that resembles the one held in 2014 (agreed with the UK)“, Said the minister, who considered that the circumstances are met to repeat the consultation since London”broke off their engagement“That if the Scots rejected independence the country” would remain in the European Union (EU).

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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