TENOR – The Way of Music

Antoine, a young sushi delivery man studying accounting, accidentally meets Mrs. Loyseau during a delivery at the Opéra Garnier in Paris. During a slight altercation with one of the Opera singing students of this order, Antoine briefly demonstrates his voice talent. Intrigued, the professor seeks to find him in order to verify what she thought she detected. For his part, Antoine resumes his life as if nothing had happened between his brother, a fan of clandestine boxing fights, his studies and his rare friends. Will the child of the estates make the right choice?

A lightly dramatic comedy set against a backdrop of social misery confronting the beauty of art.

The screenplay, like the production, does not seem to dare to push the doors of the subject of class difference any further. It’s a shame, because the whole thing would probably gain in authenticity. The passage of scenes, from one universe to another is too fast, almost without transition. Is it a desire on the part of the director to symbolize the gap of possibilities between those who can really choose their future and those who cannot?

Apart from the demonstrations of Aria and the duo of famous Opera arias and the rap battle, the film itself touches on the rest of the identity of each character. Of course, the target audience is more accustomed to a format of approximately 1 hour and a half, but it would have been better to push the description of the contrary universes in order to better root the difficulties of the character of Antoine in his choices and the management of on-screen situations. Often, I feel like the writers assume too much that the audience has enough background to snap their fingers into the context of the film. Admittedly, this concerns a part of the spectators, but isn’t cinema also intended to break down clichés and encourage people to renew their minds?

On the acting side, the talent is undeniably present. MB14, revealed by the show The Voice, exposes another dimension of his many talents. He is impeccable in his role of Antoine and gives credibility to his character like Michèle Laroque, perfect as a bourgeois opera singing teacher and without hypocrisy at the same time.

The photography is magnificent and not only thanks to the splendours of the Opéra Garnier. The light is as important as the emotion of the singing scenes and Claude Zidi Junior has perfectly tamed it. Which gives an almost mystical atmosphere to all the situations that take place in this high place of Parisian history.

A comedy aiming to break the a priori without denting the essential.

FR – 2021 – Drama, Music, Comedy – 101min
About Claude Zidi Jr.
With Michèle Laroque, MB14, Guillaume Duhesme…
Presence Film
04.05.2022 at the cinema



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