For the Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta, rumored to be the villain of the new movie Black Panther, being the main face of Madres, an Amazon Prime Video film about the abuse of migrant women, is “An exercise in humility” and a way to give “The microphone” to the stories of the pain of others.

Is what makes you “Face the characters” and give them “All possible dignity”, regardless of whether they are telling their stories in genres as diverse as horror, the police thriller, a narcoseries or even a Marvel movie, Huerta indicated during an interview by Zoom with Eph.

“Each person, each family and each group has their pain. Latin Americans suffer from inequality, lack of opportunities, lack of equity, daily violence. Güeros (American blondes) suffer from war, people of color everywhere from racism. Our job, the artists, we have the job of putting the microphone to those voices ”.

What is ‘Mothers’, the new film by Tenoch Huerta about?

On Mothers abuses against migrant women are explored. “It seemed to me a wonderful project and a novel job to use terror as a social denunciation and, in addition, to insert the tensions that exist between whites and Latinos and between Latinos, according to where they grew up and their economic class”; said the actor born in Mexico City.

It is something that he was passionate about about the script of Marcella Ochoa and Mario Miscione, as well as the approach made by director Ryan Zaragoza. “It seemed like a very smart way to present the situation and the way the story unfolded and the characters are very authentic, “said Huerta.

It is something that, in his opinion, “shows how important it is that we who tell our stories are. That does not mean that a güero cannot tell a story about Latinos, but it will lack the authenticity of those of us who have lived it ”.

That is why he thanked his director for giving him the freedom to add to Beto the elements that he considered pertinent. “I have relatives who have gone to the other side (from Mexico to the United States), I know what is suffered, I know what it is to break your mother and give everything to get ahead”, He declared.

The daily monsters

Tenoch Huerta knows what it means to “break the mother” or “chop stone”, as he describes the great effort that is required to start from scratch. Now that you are about to become one of Hollywood’s most famous Latinos, look back and see a steep road.

“I am not part of the elite or had contacts in the artistic world”said the actor, who fell in love with his job in theater workshops in which his father enrolled him.

His first professional role was in the movie “Así del precipicio” in 2006. Thanks to his talent, he had noor to wait a long time, because in less than 12 months Gael Garcia Bernal signed him to star in his debut feature, Deficit which was released in the Cannes film festival.

I feel like I was very lucky because beyond the skills, study, discipline and talent, you have to have that, la lucky you’re in the right place, at the right time so that they see you and give you the opportunity ”, he stressed.

Huerta does not forget that “most of the people are not that lucky, that is why those of us who have the microphone have to amplify their voices.”

Tenoch Huerta and his difficult rise in Hollywood

Tenoch Huerta arrived in Hollywood through the front door, although it was being opened little by little. It was first a small role in Get the Gringo, the movie of Mel Gibson of 2012. The small roles exploded in 2015, when he repeated with García Bernal in the Amazon series Mozart In the Jungle and participated in Spectre, the movie of James Bond that was filmed in Mexico.

Then came Rafael Caro Quintero, in Narcos Mexico and there the door did receive a push and it opened.

Will you star in a new ‘Black Panther’ movie?

Now his smile lights up when he mentions words like “superheroes” and “secret project” and acknowledges that he is “having a lot of fun” in the project that “cannot be talked about” and “nobody has any idea what it is”, but he does not deny that the classic comes out very well “Wakanda Forever”, the iconic greeting of Black Panther.

Marvel fans are convinced that Huerta is part of the cast of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which is challenged to preserve the legacy of the film starring the late actor Chadwick Boseman.

“I and other actors came to the United States first class. In a world of great comfort to do a job that we love. We are privileged and the least we can do is use our microphone to count the pain of others, in any gender and always with responsibility ”.



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