tennis player published a phone number for communication with fans

In this difficult time, the main thing is to support each other in all available ways.

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who lives abroad, decided to support her fans during quarantine and self-isolation.

In her Instagram, Sharapova published a phone number for communicating with fans. She promised that she would respond to subscribers through text messages.

Sharapova urged people to share their recipes, as well as tell what they do in quarantine. You can also ask a question or just say hi to the tennis player.

Maria noted that so far her number is available only to subscribers from Canada and the United States, but soon he can earn in other countries.


Sensational statement made Sharapova in February in her own column for Vanity Fair. She announced that she was completing a sports career. The reason for this was numerous injuries.

In Mary’s personal life, things are much better. Fans of the tennis player managed to expose the engagement of Sharapova with Alexander Gilks.

April 04, 2020