Wishlist is the monthly section where we talk about personal purchases made by editors, we suggest items that we have tried ourselves and which we are satisfied with to the point of recommending them. Before these objects arrived in the editorial office. Since normalcy is partially suspended, they come directly to our homes.

The deputy director made a somewhat vintage purchase in times when things are noted on other devices, and he says he is very satisfied: «I took these blocks, they are excellent for those who want to take notes feeling inside an American film and for scribbling and tearing the sheets with less guilt than he would with a more elegant notebook ».

The pack of ten costs around 13 euros.

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Two receivers for hi-fi systems
The deputy director also made a second purchase, a little more demanding: a Bluetooth receiver to communicate with smartphones and computers with an old hi-fi system of excellent quality, but not equipped for new devices. It costs 199 euros.

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In a not uncommon case of parallel thoughts, the director made a purchase very similar to that of the deputy director, in the same category and with the same goal. He too bought a music receiver that connects to old hi-fi systems and allows them to communicate with smartphones and computers, so you can also listen to the music of streaming services properly. Unlike that of the deputy director, however, this receiver works via Wifi and is much cheaper. It costs 39 euros.

Cheap eyeglasses, in quantity
The director says: «Since I see ourselves less closely, as it happens to us mature and wise people, I have adopted with optical technology the same improvised line that I have always applied to everything, that is simple solutions, in the short term, adaptable with ease, reversible. So inexpensive reading glasses, distributed in multiple copies in the rooms of the house, in backpacks, in drawers, in the trunk of the car. Nine euros each and they do their duty perfectly. “

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Travel shampoo and shower gel containers
A departing editor says: «I bought these containers for my travel-on-foot-backpack-on-shoulder because they are excellent for those who want to travel light, but they are also good for those who take the plane carrying only hand luggage . They are made of soft silicone so they can be squeezed to the last drop of product and have a suction cup for those who find themselves in showers without shelves or storage baskets ». The pack of four with its transparent bag costs 12 euros.

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Dispenser to give your dog a drink when out and about
An editor who often takes long walks with her dog says that now that the heat has come, the dog understandably is often thirsty, and that having this bottle with folding dispenser with her is much more comfortable than always carrying a bowl with her. It costs 8 euros.

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«These leggings are the ones I use the most: absolute comfortable and light even if out of season, but in the end this summer is not too hot and this year the mountains are in fashion», says an editor advising this pair of Nike leggings. They are a model of some time ago, so they are on the Zalando website (at around 35 euros), or on Amazon (at around 33 euros, but you have to be lucky with the sizes). There are also in the “crop” version, ie above the ankle.

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Ceramic balls for “white baking” and a cake tin
An editor who likes to make cakes regardless of summer temperatures has bought some ceramic baking balls. They are used for “white cooking” (or “blind cooking”), or for those cases in which the base of a shortcrust pastry or shortcrust pastry cake (a tart, for example) is baked and filled with creams or jams after cooking. To prevent the base from burning, cover it with a sheet of parchment paper and something that makes weight and keeps the paper sticking to the dough. For this operation, many use dried legumes, for example beans. The editor wanted to stop using legumes (they spoil and then can no longer be eaten), so she took ceramic balls that can be reused as often as needed and above all work better. His are temporarily unavailable, but they are equivalent to 12 euros.

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The same editor also bought a small cake pan with a hinge – beautiful solid, she says – of 20 centimeters in diameter. Not for the tarts, in this case (a tart would be smaller than the standard, let’s say), but for small cakes or for “those cases where you want a cake to be pretty tall”. It costs 16 euros.

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Watering can and nebulizer for plants, beautiful to look at
A good way to remember to give water to plants, says an editor, is to have nice tools to do so, so that you feel like using them. For this reason, he bought a small watering can from Haws, an English company that has existed since 1886 and claims to be “the oldest watering can manufacturer” in the world. The watering can is small, plastic, designed for indoor plants. There is in various colors: on the Haws website it costs 7 pounds (about 8 euros). There is also on Amazon, where it costs between 12 and 15 euros (depends on the color).

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A couple of friends took her very seriously and to help her be a good plant caregiver they also gave her a nebulizer, from Haws, particularly useful in the summer. The editor says that “she sprays less uniformly and vaporized than a sprinkle of recycled household products would do,” but that she is satisfied with it, because it still works well, and being pretty she can keep it in sight. On the Haws website it costs £ 15 (around € 16.50). His, the one with the silver finish (nickel), is temporarily out of stock, but there are still those with the gold or copper-colored finish, at the same price. Who wants the nickel finish, can find it on the Wild website (a plant shop in Milan), for 25 euros, or choose this one, which is not identical but very similar, on Amazon, for 23 euros.

If you want more, here you will find all the lists of items that we bought in the previous months.


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