Temptation Island, a couple of the last edition broke out

A protagonist couple of Temptation Island 8 she said goodbye. To break the news through a Instagram Stories it was Nadia Chahar. The girl and her now ex-boyfriend Antonio Giunco they had taken part in the eighth edition of the reality show of temptations, aired on Channel 5 between September and October 2020.

The problems revealed by both of them were mainly related to her immaturity. Bulrush, in fact, talking about his relationship with Nadia he had often complained of misunderstandings due to the difference in age. A character incompatibility also emerged, especially in approaching some situations of daily life.

Despite this, at the final bonfire of confrontation the two had decided to leave the Is Morus Relais hand in hand, sure of the strong feeling that bound them. Apparently, however, their problems would have resurfaced in recent months. This is what emerged in the light of the last words that the Chahar spent to announce to her followers the end of her romance with Antonio:

Guys me and Anto we broke up. Please respect this moment of mine and avoid clogging up the direct.

couple temptation 8

In an interviewee released a Men and Women magazine after the airing of their bonfire, they both said they were happy with the choice made at the end of their experience and aware of having to try to polish those character aspects that tended to create misunderstandings.

What happened in the meantime? What do you think of the breakup of this pair of Temptation Island 8?