Someone had the slightest doubt that Annamaria Laino – after spending four episodes informing us of how superior she felt (because she tien i palllll, let’s not forget) to the boyfriend Antonio Martello, and after requesting an early confrontation bonfire moved by extreme disgust for his behaviors with the temptress Ilaria Gallozzi – if you put him back on time zero?

Predictable like taxes, discounted like summer sales, aridaje with the most classic of clichés Temptation Island, the woman who plays the superwoman, thrilled by how disgusting her partner is, who solemnly swears that “someone like this will no longer see it even on a postcard because he does not deserve it“And that he foretells the extreme enjoyment with which he will disgrace him – video in hand – in front of the good Filippo Bisciglia before abandoning it alone on the trunk with a handful of flies in hand, and then … and then low ears, horns in a suitcase and we go home together, to spray love from all pores (cit).

There is little to do, men like Antonio who have more lovers than neurons exist because women like Anna Maria that even in the face of the evidence they can’t get them out, ‘ste blessed palllll. Let’s not forget that in the last episode, in front of the images of the temptress with the cottarella for her boyfriend with whom she was agreeing to feel even once the program was over, she ironed saying “What do you think, that you do the miracle? It will also fill you with horns!“.

So let’s stop justifying it, stop pitying it. She KNOWS HER very well that she has more horns than a deer, she IS MORE AWARE of what kind of person she has at her side and DESPITE EVERYTHING is fine with her, just don’t be alone. In short, happy with all of you. Countless (detail that I still struggle to explain, but so much) lovers of Antonio He included.

However, he is a TRUE HERO, king, let’s not joke. A resounding ability to turn omelettes and a series of justifications with a super-brush aftertaste so marked that it has even undermined a piece of 90 as Oronzo Carinola from the podium of the mejo paraculi of the history of Temptation Island.

You were in every exterior of mine“.

It is thanks to that girl if I became aware of my shortcomings, I needed it to understand my mistakes“.

I never thought of her out of here“.

You are my woman and my future wife, but if you want to go out single, go out single, eh“.

Not to mention the master stroke, which has already ended by right in the undisputed cult of the broadcast: “I said ‘I want you’ just because ‘I love you’ was too long“. A GENIUS, go.

Instead, to contend for the palm of the most DISGUSTING element of the whole edition (but what I mean edition, of the entire history of Temptation Island) are undoubtedly none Anna Boschetti e Pietro Delle Piane. That is, the worst of the worst of the worst that humanity could offer us.

On the one hand we have the Boschetti, which even tells itself how poisonous it is. One for which the “serious facts of life”Are a record of diamonds and furs, not a companion like Andrea Battistelli, ten years younger, who could go to Ibiza with the shampoo and butt in the air and instead the only place where he goes is to school to pick up your daughters. One who gets strangled if her boyfriend has esteem for her father and – before making commitments for life (which most people do with disarming lightness, and then regret it shortly after) – wants to build a more solid and secure future. One who has the courage to complain about the person she has at her side, when she is the first to enjoy seeing her be “in pieces, like a beaten dog“. One that screams “I’ll spoil it when I go out, I don’t go to work anymore, but you keep me as well!“But then she is offended if – after a rich ex-husband, a rich boyfriend and even a supposedly rich tempter – someone considers her a shameful materialist who cares only for cash. Really mindful, people, huh?

[AndunfortunatelydespiteallthefilthycrapthatsheissayingandcombiningIdoubtthathewillhavethestrengthtogetridofitNotat[EpurtroppononostantetutteleschifezzeimmondecheleivadicendoecombinandodubitocheluiavràlaforzadiliberarseneNonaTemptation Islandat least. Too much in love, too subtle. And if in front of yet another rvm of her rubbing on the abs of Carlo Siano the only reaction that comes out is “you can put me in a context where there are a thousand women, but I don’t look at them because my heart is for Anna“Means that we are just hopeless. alas.]

On the other hand, however, we have Pietro. And I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more narrow-minded, mean and inferior being in my life. One so self-confident (whatever you think of it Antonella Elia) to be sure that – whatever he says or does – she is in front of him “will collapse as always, see me and melt like all women“. One so competitive, self-centered and narcissistic that he cannot tolerate the presence of Fabiano, the ex of his partner, in their life, despite knowing very well that he is the family that unfortunately hasn’t had for a long time (because let’s be clear, that of the ex is definitely a thorny chapter in all relationships, but you can’t be so selfish not to evaluate the atypical and particular situation, in this case, on). One so vindictive that it was enough for him to hear him pronounce, that name that evidently suffers from dying, to feel justified in throwing up the worst wickedness on behalf of his partner, because “I told you not to talk about Fabiano otherwise I then open up, you forced me to do this because I don’t leave here with my ears down “. Someone so despicable that he revealed the most intimate confidences of his fiancée worldwide, to hit her where he knew would have hurt her more. One so miserable as to underline with sarcasm and lightness how old, sad and lonely the person he should theoretically love. One so ridiculous that describes Antonella come “a 14 year old who can’t grow up, who has never become a woman, working dissatisfied and a little confused in her private life“But then asks her to marry him.

The Alabama truth machine, moreover, had already revealed it to us months ago.

[Ashewellsaid[ComehabendettoManila, the alleged kiss with the temptress is really the least of the problems here. The crap that came out of that mouth is DEADLY WORSE. And I just hope that Antonella has the strength to keep the point, without being bought by one’s embarrassing moine stron * or with a bang (cit) of the genre …]

Two such creepy characters, Anna e Pietro, with that common fixed for the offspring moved by everything except an irrepressible maternal or paternal sense (as it would be natural instead of it), which together would be disgustingly PER-FET-TI. And I stress the “disgustingly“.

In all this rampant unease I continue to save only them, Manila Nazzaro e Lorenzo Amoruso.

I really appreciate her having learned – unlike many of her colleagues – to feel good even on her own, without necessarily having to depend (sentimentally or economically) on anyone. Because it is precisely when you can feel good even on your own that you don’t put the first artichoke by your side (with all due respect for artichokes, of course). It is no coincidence that his is the only healthy, concrete and non-dysfunctional relationship of the entire edition.

On the other hand, he makes me crazy when he takes other people’s troubles to heart, especially those of Andrea, showing off a mix of anger (towards Anna) and a truly irresistible sense of protection (towards him). And then when he burst into tears at the idea of ​​leaving the village without Manila my heart really tightened.

And while the other couples were more busy scrubbing up singles and basing ridiculous strategies than wondering about their relationship, they were the only ones who really questioned themselves, facing real problems (not brillocchi and beauty case, so to speak …) and using the program to understand if the feeling that binds them will be strong enough to overcome even the difficult obstacle of coexistence, whether Roman or Tuscan. And I can only cheer them on.