Temporary help: Lufthansa personnel wear a Lufthansa uniform on board Swiss

Around 70 Lufthansa flight attendants will soon be flying for Swiss. On board they will wear their traditional work clothes.

For nine months they fly strangers. Swiss has too few flight attendants. That’s why around 70 colleagues from Lufthansa will be helping her out from July. You will be traveling on short and long-haul routes. The Lufthansa cabin crew will receive a Swiss employment contract for the time being.

Nevertheless, they will wear their Lufthansa uniform on board the Airbus A320, A321, A330 and A340 of the Swiss airline. It’s dark blue, the Swiss one is black. Equipping with your own work clothes is too expensive for temporary use and “logistically complex”.

2008 already had good experiences

“There was already a similar project in 2008. At that time, too, the Lufthansa colleagues wore their own uniforms, and we had good experiences with them, »said a spokesman for Swiss. However, it should be clarified whether the Lufthansa staff will wear Swiss accessories, such as ties or scarves.

Swiss flight attendant uniform. Image: Swiss

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