Teleophthalmology, eye care patients who lacked it


The news Technology of the information and communication They are transforming society. This paradigm reached, through its multiple applications, the Health Sciencesopening the door to face new challenges in search of a better quality of care.

There are many advantages of these technologies, such as the possibility to store images resolution and integrate them into the electronic medical record (EHR), although its great value lies in improving the process and distribution of medical information to benefit the patient’s diagnosis.[banner-DFP_1]

Telemedicine is a term that is becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and health centers. In recent years it has been gaining ground, but the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has stimulated a Use of new technologies by professionals at levels never seen before. The health crisis has highlighted the opportunity that exists to offer quality care without the need to go to the health center.

Keep in mind that when we talk about telemedicine, we refer to the provision of health services to patients. That is, they are offered a diagnosis, treatment and prescription through the use of technology.

Teleophthalmology is the third branch of medicine that is being used the most in the autonomous communities in the National Health System (SNS)

According to the SEIS index of 2021 (Spanish Society of Health Informatics) the Teleoftalmología It is the third branch of medicine that is being used the most in the autonomous communities in the Health System (SNS). Specifically in 12 communities.[banner-DFP_4]

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The new technologies based on connected devices allow us to extend the eye care to many patients who previously lacked it. This allows for preventive medicine and enables the creation of an archive of images of ocular pathologies, which guides the prevalence of other eye pathologies. These data facilitate new options such as further research, clinical discussions, digital publication, as well as participation in distance seminars. In addition, it promotes cooperative work in a network system.

At the level of telematic communication, there are already platforms that allow efficient management of videoconferences with a full guarantee of security and data protection between the participants, and that also link agendas, medical records and documents.


Teleophthalmology can take different ways: through the teleconsultation in real time with an eye specialist; through the store-and-forward modelo, in which digital eye imaging is acquired and transferred via telecommunications technology to remote eye specialists; or through a remote monitoring modelwhich involves tracking a patient’s health data after he or she has left the hospital.

With this new way of consulting, eye diseases such as Diabetic retinopathy, related macular degeneration with the age, glaucoma y retinopathy of prematurity.


For patients, one of the main benefits is that they can enjoy certain occasional comfort, in the sense of being able to receive appointments, certain instructions and documents, including follow-up consultations without leaving home. Even so, the experts of the Professional Association of Ophthalmology in Spain (APOE) comment that “a complex clinical pictureits assessment and its treatment will inexcusably require the face-to-face relationship doctor-patientif you intend to do quality medicine”.

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With teleophthalmology, eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinopathy of prematurity can be diagnosed.

Even so, they are clear that technology is applied when it reaches a degree of maturity that makes it useful, and those advances that come from the hand of teleophthalmology will be well received: “Advances in technology are always welcome and the medical industry is advancing at a good pace, so these advances will come almost automatically”.

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