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Telenet has announced a price increase as a result of high inflation. The provider raises prices by 4.7 percent. As a result, customers pay a few euros more per month with many subscriptions. Proximus and Orange already preceded Telenet with price increases.

For example, a One for 1 subscription, which now costs 66 euros, will go to 69.10 euros from 19 June. In addition to the subscriptions, the monthly rent for various TV boxes will also increase. In many cases this is by tens of cents. Telenet has put the new prices online on a separate page.

The price increase is necessary due to inflation, says the provider. “We are adjusting our prices as a result of high inflation, which is impacting labor costs and prices of energy and technological equipment, among other things.” Not all rates go up. Among other things, Base subscriptions and prices for Streamz+ remain the same.

Many fixed providers index the prices annually. It is unknown how high the price increases at other providers will be. In the Netherlands, prices rose more than inflation in many years. How that works in Belgium is unknown.

Update, 7:32: This article first stated that Telenet is the first provider to raise prices this year, but that is not true. Orange and Proximus already did that.

Subscription Current prices Prices from June 19th
Mobile + fixed
One for 1 66 euro 69,10 euro
OneUp for 1 86 euro 90,00 euro
Internet & TV
All-Internet + Telenet TV iconic (300/20Mbit/s, unlimited) 83,23 euro 87,12 euro
All-Internet + Telenet TV flow 64,60 euro 67,62
Easy Internet + Telenet TV iconic (100/10Mbit/s, 150GB per maand) 58,13 euro 60,85
Alles apart
All-Internet 55,10 euro 57,68 euro
Rent HD Digicorder 9,55 euro 9.,99 euro
Rent HD Digibox 4,61 euro 4,82 euro
Rent Telenet TV box 9,55 euro 9,99 euro
Cable television 18,58 euro 19,45 euro
Fixed telephony
FreePhone Europe 23,49 euro 24,59 euro



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