To respond to you, but this actually applies to all comments on @ millman7 and also to the question of @DennusB why more people do not use Telegram.

The first is of course the network effect, many more people are on Whatsapp than on Telegram

You describe a completely different type of application than what Whatsapp focuses on, which is probably why they won’t build such features that quickly.
The functionalities you describe are more comparable with applications such as Discord or Slack and not with Whatsapp.

Things like managing groups, creating polls, API integrations. That tends more towards a social network like application than a chat application, which is whatsapp at its core.

If I were to watch my 60+ mom or any 60+ neighbor. They are not all waiting for things like that, they just want an easy place to talk to their children and grandchildren.

And when I look at my self (although you should not see me as the standard user at all), I just step away from applications that all add that kind of thing. I am looking for a chat application, no more than that. I started at MSN when it was still simple. They were all going to add sticker-like stuff and more of that stuff. Then I switched to gTalk, which was a relief. It was just a chat screen with text input, with a little bit of styling to make it look good. But that also became more and more stuff around it. Then came Whatsapp, which went back to basics perfectly, and could be used anywhere.

And to discuss that with those desktop clients. For me, privacy is one of the most important functionalities, so end-to-end encryption is always on by default. So I would like everyone to switch to Signal. But I have agreed that this is not going to happen

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