Telangana Police is at the top in its performance and use of modern technology: Home Minister Muhammad Mehmood Ali’s review meeting, Principal Secretary, DGP and Commissioners of Police attended – Saher News

Telangana Police is at the top in its performance and use of modern technology: Home Minister Muhammad Mehmood Ali’s review meeting, Principal Secretary, DGP and Commissioners of Police attended – Saher News

Telangana Police tops the country in its efficiency and use of modern technology
Increase in murders due to increase in land prices, strict measures to prevent them
Interior Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali’s review meeting, Principal Secretary, DGP and Police Commissioners attended

Hyderabad: 06. September
(press note/

State Home Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali held a high-level review meeting in his office today to review the current situation of crime and measures to control it. In this meeting, Principal Secretary Dr. Jitender, Director General of Police (DGP) Anjani Kumar, Commissioners of Police Hyderabad, Racha Konda and Cyberabad CV Anand, DS Chauhan and Stephen Ravindra were present.

Home Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali said in the meeting that Telangana Police is known throughout the country for its efficiency and use of modern technology. But for the past few days, crime incidents have been taking place in the Greater Hyderabad area, which must be controlled and eradicated. He asked the police commissioners for the details of their respective areas in this regard.

Commissioner of Police Hyderabad CV Anand, Commissioner of Police Racha Konda DS Chauhan and Commissioner of Police Cyberabad Stephen Ravindran said that murders have taken place in Hyderabad, especially in the Barks of Paranasher, Bandla Gowda, Chandra in Gutta, Pahari Sharif and other areas. The main reason is the increase in land prices in Hyderabad.

He said that the demand for land in Hyderabad has increased considerably, due to which murders are taking place. Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand said that the police department is engaged in all measures to prevent the murders.

Racha Konda Police Commissioner DS Chauhan said that there has been a reduction in crime as well as murders within Racha Konda Commissionerate limits. has been, due to which these road shetters have got a kind of fear and dread. He said that strict action is being taken to prevent murders and crimes. Apart from this, incidents of molestation of women and students and anti-social elements are also being closely monitored. Likewise, online crimes and fraud. All measures have also been taken to prevent dahi so that people are protected from any kind of crime.

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Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Ravindra said that there has been no murder in Cyberabad limits so far this year. And there has been a decrease in other crimes as well. Explaining the reason, he said that they not only kept an eye on the road thieves. But their movements and movements are also closely monitored. Their bases are being continuously patrolled by the police. Social media is also closely monitored so that any type of crimes or violence is publicized through social media. He expressed his satisfaction and said that Cyberabad area is safe from crimes and murders.

Commissioner Police Cyberabad said that since the formation of the separate state of Telangana, the prices of land in Telangana have increased enormously due to which the incidents of land grabbing have started. Strict legal action is being taken against Giri and the perpetrators of the crime. He also said that there is an urgent need to crack down on roadies in the state of Telangana, this will reduce the presence of roadies.

Commissioners of Police said in this meeting that the police officers need to work more seriously in this matter and they should submit the charge sheet of any case. 90 Enter within days, to ensure legal action against offenders. He proposed that photographs of roadies should be displayed in every police station. Roadies should be continuously monitored by SOT and Task Force.

DGP Anjani Kumar covering all the points of the meeting said that the police should always be vigilant. The rise in crime is certainly alarming, but the Telangana government has recently undergone restructuring which has led to the creation of new estates, including DCPs, ACPs, new police stations and the promotion of many police officers. Given. In this sense, the state of Telangana is the leader in developing the police department more in a shorter period of time.

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Referring to the excellent performance of the police, the State DGP Anjani Kumar said that the Telangana police are busy performing their services day and night. Regarding social media, he said that the police are keeping a close eye on all the content that goes viral on social media. should be kept so that immediate action can be taken against him.

Home Minister Muhammad Mehmood Ali said that Telangana Police is famous all over the country due to the friendly policing of Telangana Police. He clarified that friendly policing is for the people and not for the criminals. Addressing the police officials, the Home Minister said. That strict legal action should be taken against the people involved in the incidents of murder and other crimes in the areas of Hyderabad, so that such incidents are not repeated. Also, police patrols should be increased at night. The movement of rowdy-shatters should be closely monitored, their hideouts should be raided and strict legal action should be taken against their criminal activities.

Home Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali said that the hotels, paan shops, pubs, gyms and other businesses in Hyderabad which have been allowed to stay open till late at night should be strictly monitored. All illegal and anti-social activities should be strictly stopped and Take note of them, keep a close eye on evil-doers.

The Interior Minister said that the CCTV cameras should be reviewed so that the malfunctioning cameras can be fixed. He appealed to the public not to wander unnecessarily on the streets late at night. In particular, he appealed to the youth. They should invest their valuable time in education, business and employment, stay away from all kinds of anti-social activities and activities. He said that the youth and people of Telangana should cooperate with the police in the anti-chowtra campaign by the police, the evils that are spreading through social media. Keep yourself away from it.

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Home Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali directed these top police officials to keep a strict vigil on cemeteries, railway stations, bus stations, pubs and other public places in the old city of Hyderabad. The Home Minister appealed to the public to cooperate with the police in making Telangana a golden Telangana. Stay away from all illegal activities and register complaints at the police station to prevent their troubles or crimes from happening around them. Support the police.

Home Minister Muhammad Mahmood Ali said that those who love evil, those involved in crimes, those who commit murder and looting in Hyderabad will not be spared. Strict legal action will be taken against them. PD Act will be imposed on them. The sheet will be opened and severe punishment will be ensured by the court so that the people of Telangana will not suffer any harm or suffering due to these people.

He said that the government is committed to maintaining the prosperity, peace and tranquility of the people of Telangana state and is serious about maintaining law and order in the state. Cooperate with the police department to maintain an atmosphere of brotherhood.

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