Tela is biosafety ready to receive tourists in Semana Morazánica

Cloth, Atlantis.

The vice president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries of Honduras (Fedecámaras), Felix Bautista, assured that the port of Tela It has been prepared with all the biosafety protocols to receive tourists in the Morazánica Week, which will be in the month of November and only for this year in the face of the wave of COVID-19 infections.

The National Congress authorized the transfer of the Morazanico Holiday from October to November at the request of the National Risk Management System (Sinager), this in order to promote domestic tourism under a strict framework of biosafety protocols.

The leader said that “we are working with biosecurity measures, medical brigades against COVID-19 and triages in order to provide protection to residents and prevent the virus from spreading.”

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Likewise, he assured that the Fedecámaras de Tela subsidiary, of which he is the prosecutor, “has trained all its members on the issue of biosafety and is working in a very coordinated manner between businessmen, authorities and forces.”

“We are aware that the pandemic has not ended, so there is already a control in certain places, where there is usually an agglomeration of people in order to prevent this situation from becoming a source of contagion of the virus”, stressed.


“Already in the open beach it is up to the authorities to take the corresponding measures, as they have done so far, since tourists are already arriving on weekends and there have been no major problems,” he emphasized.

He indicated that “little by little the commerce of that city has recovered by 75% with the arrival of people from some 70 villages, mostly from the rural area, since we already have transport and that generates a greater flow of Commerce”.

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“We are in the coastal strip and we are a place that is highly visited by people, due to this the tourism sector has recovered by 40% even in the midst of the pandemic,” he added.

Similarly, he highlighted as “a positive point the fact that Hondurans residing in the United States have not stopped sending their family remittances, which in a certain way strengthens the economy and moves money in that Atlantic sector of the country.”

Omar Rivera, from Fonac

Omar rivera, secretary of the National Convergence Forum (Fonac) stated that this Semana Morazánica should not be interpreted as a space for unstoppable action by citizens, since the issue of containment and preventing the sick and dead from COVID-19 is a shared responsibility.

“The first who must make decisions are us, as well as the businessmen or owners of these establishments that will provide service and who are forced to take the measures,” he added.

Rivera asked the Ministry of Health, Police and local governments to make an effort to punish those who do not comply with the law and endanger the lives of citizens.

He also asked politicians to give an example, since although it is true, the electoral contest began, it is important to avoid crowds in party meetings because that could lead to a rebound in cases.