TEASER.  Why did we love Season 4 of the Rugby Web Series ''Terrain Favorable''?

TEASER. Why did we love Season 4 of the Rugby Web Series ''Terrain Favorable''?

Season 4 of Terrain Favorable is, for us, probably the most successful. An explosive cocktail of encounters, sharing, captivating stories and exceptional rugby moments.

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Really, where to start? As a match lasts 80 minutes, this season 4 of Terrain Favorable is, from the first to the last second, exciting. Like a little golden parenthesis for those who love the oval ball, what it confers, its values ​​and all its stories, whether small or large. All tinged with a permanent humanity and finesse, as desired by the voice-over with the golden foot, Jonny Wilkinson, at the beginning of this adventure. To be savored without moderation, and with handkerchiefs close at hand.
VIDEO.  The most striking episode of the season, with Siya Kolisi, symbol of an entire country - Terrain Favorable, EP 4VIDEO. The most striking episode of the season, with Siya Kolisi, symbol of an entire country – Terrain Favorable, EP 4Favorable terrain is also an opportunity to discover events or incredible people, and as improbable as each other. Who hasn’t dreamed of walking through Dan Carter’s door to kick some kicks in the allotment garden with the best director in the history of this game? To be taken in the footsteps of the more than difficult childhood of the captain of the Springboks Siya Kolisi, even if it means shedding a few tears, in order to better understand where this strength and this resilience draws from the fellow of Zwide? To exchange passes on the other side of the world with kids for whom the oval ball represents much more than a simple game? Via different paths that totally immerse us, all these adventures were an opportunity to reach one and the same destination: that of sharing.

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A breathtaking season from start to finish due to the huge surprises it has in store for us, its format and all the moments of life and sharing, which we feel authentic to the bone. His juggling, too, between legends of this game and ordinary people, between whom the alchemy always works. Without forgetting, of course, the moments of pure and hard rugby, well filmed, well brought, and therefore experienced as if we were there. Probably the best rugby series I’ve seen. – Theo Fondacci

And whoever didn’t let themselves be carried away by these 170 minutes and 6 episodes throws the first stone at us. Because from the first words of Wilko at the epilogue of this season, the day of the derby between St-Pée ​​and Ciboure, only emerge a compendium of strong stories, landscapes, anecdotes and laughs. Everything that rugby promises, in the end.

VIDEO.  Not to miss.  A Derby day like no other... - Favorable Ground, Ep 6VIDEO. Not to miss. A Derby day like no other… – Favorable Ground, Ep 6

A story of friends who haven’t met yet

And if the red thread of this season was also built to never forget, in the background, the famous Basque derby of Régionale 2, it was, in fine, more than to show that however great the rivalry, there was ultimately only “friends who hadn’t met yet“. As a Fijian friend once confided to Jonny Wilkinson, our guide throughout this season 4 of Favorable Ground… We can only appreciate the accuracy of these words.

A rare thing for a series, Terrain Favorable is unanimously approved by the editorial staff. We are not taking a big risk by recommending to all rugby enthusiasts to give it a chance. Do you like the series too? You can watch all the episodes of season 4 for free on the Societe Generale channel, by clicking on the button below, as well as previous seasons available here.

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