Teachers don’t want to become corona testers

Dhe teachers’ union Association of Education and Upbringing (VBE) has rejected the additional work through corona rapid tests for daycare centers and schools. Studies have shown that school administrators are barely able to complete all the necessary tasks in the allotted time – and a new field of activity is already opening up, said Lower Saxony’s VBE state chief Franz-Josef Meyer on Friday.

Teachers are also massively burdened by unpaid overtime. With the plan of corona rapid tests for teachers and educators in school, “once again politicians are rashly awakening unrealistic expectations that cannot be met,” criticized Meyer.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, daycare centers and schools can independently obtain and use corona rapid tests. However, according to the ministry, the tests must be carried out by appropriately trained personnel. Meyer emphasized: “The VBE is for rapid antigen tests in schools, but carried out and evaluated by trained staff.”

“Procedure doomed to failure”

The planned procedure is already “doomed to failure in this form,” said Meyer. There is a lack of human resources for the additional tasks and it is unclear whether sufficient test capacities are available for all interested schools and daycare centers.

“Corona tests in children by teachers are absolutely taboo for the VBE anyway,” he emphasized. It is completely unacceptable to burden school management with even more tasks in dealing with the Corona crisis. Questions in connection with the purchase of the tests and the transfer of data are also unanswered.

However, the subject is controversial among teachers. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the chairman of the education and science union, Maike Finnen, was much more positive about the test options. “It would be important for me that the schools and daycare centers receive enough tests and that the training courses for the self-tests are carried out well,” she told WDR. She was open to the fact that school and daycare providers let staff be trained for the self-tests, as better infection protection is important.