Teacher unionists prevented a training for Buenos Aires teachers

Teacher unionists prevented a training for Buenos Aires teachers

A group of teacher unionists prevented this Tuesday from carrying out a training for teachers in the City of Buenos Aires. From the Buenos Aires Government they denounced attacks against officials of the educational portfolio. “We will not allow this type of behavior”said the minister Soledad Acuna.

The head of the Education area of ​​the Federal Capital shared a video on her social networks in which teachers are seen applauding as a protest and demanding that the authorities leave the place. “What you see happened during a training at the Ministry and shows the enormous challenge we still have”Acuna said.

The event happened yesterday morning in the auditorium of the Ministry of Education, within the framework of the M+M program that aims to professionalize the teaching task and preserve the quality of the teaching practices provided to children in the most vulnerable areas. .

According to sources from the portfolio to Infobaethis training of the socio-educational program was being carried out until it appeared Fabian Capponigeneral director of Education of State Management of the Government of Buenos Aires, who began to receive insults to leave the establishment from a group of trade unionists from the Union of Education Workers (UTE) and ADEMYS.

Capponi, who approached the Ministry to speak in the framework of the training, received union proposals from the teachers who raised their claims until they demanded the departure of the official who ended up leaving the place.

“We will not allow this type of behavior. It is far from the example that our children need from their teachers, who are their role models, models of excellence and, above all, who educate them to think freely”declared Soledad Acuña in her account Twitter. “We are convinced that this transcendental role in the formation of students must be accompanied by appropriate conduct. We firmly believe in an educational system based on respect, hierarchy and teaching tasks”, added the Buenos Aires minister.

From the union sector they pointed out that they were sharing “theoretical materials” and experiences; and “in the midst of this scene of exchange and reflection, the general director of State Management Education, Fabian Capponi, burst into the auditorium, along with several people who Without prior identification, they began to take photos and film the day.”. For the teachers, it was a situation of “discomfort”, which they argued as sufficient reason to demand the removal of the authorities. “This request was based on the need to recover the work environment, since what called us was to continue thinking about how to strengthen the teaching of reading and writing,” they justified.

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A similar situation occurred in September last year when officials from the Ministry of Education were attacked by teachers. On that occasion, the attack occurred in front of students from a school in Villa Soldati as a way of holding the City Government responsible for the death of 35 teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The case was recorded in a video that was shared on social networks. In the images, three teachers were seen preventing the entry of Ministry workers. One of them was Jorge Adaro, head of ADEMYS, the most combative Buenos Aires union that time and time again rejected the return of the boys to the classrooms after the quarantine. “35 dead companions. Film what you want. Film what you want as good rati that you are. We have 35 dead comrades with this criminal presence”, he said when he noticed that he was being recorded. The three teachers were sued for “rebuking the Ministry workers with inappropriate language” in front of the students and “without justification.”


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Video: teachers attacked officials of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education in a school in front of their students



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