A week ago in Liverpool, a taxi driver thwarted an attack by locking the bomber in a taxi. Now he spoke for the first time about his heroic deed.

  • On November 14, a car exploded outside a women’s clinic in Liverpool.

  • The English police speak of a terrorist incident.

  • Now the heroic taxi driver who had locked the doors of the car spoke up for the first time.

After the November 14 attack in Liverpool, the driver of the exploded taxi made his first statement to the media. David Perry, who had prevented worse by his courageous intervention, describes the attack as an “evil act”. He now needs time to process what he has experienced.

Assassin locked up

Perry was the taxi driver who drove the alleged perpetrator Emad Al Swealmeen to the gynecological clinic in Liverpool, UK. There he left the car and then locked it from the outside. Due to Perry’s quick action, the car detonated some distance from the clinic, only killing the alleged perpetrator who was locked in the car.

The taxi driver was slightly injured in the explosion and was able to leave the hospital after a short time. Now he has spoken publicly for the first time since the attack in a statement published by the police. «My wife Rachel, my family and I would like to thank you for your wishes for improvement and your support. We are completely overwhelmed. “

“Be vigilant”

Perry also specifically thanks the staff of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, the police and the anti-terrorist agency. “It’s a miracle I’m still alive and that no one else was hurt because of this evil act.” Now he needs time to recover physically and mentally. He closes his message with the words “Please be nice, be vigilant and take care of yourself.”

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Due to the recent attack, the terrorism threat level in Great Britain was raised from “significant” to “severe”. The warning level means that an attack is very likely, but not imminent. The MI5 secret service was also involved in the investigation into the attack in Liverpool.

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